Dreamweaver cannot connect to php database

Please forward me if this has been asked before, but a search did not help me.

I have a basic php and mysql knowledge and am trying to setup a searchable members database for an organization. I was able to do this in a previous version of Dreamweaver on a friend’s computer, but now in CS3 on my own, I am unable to do so. When I attempt to connect to my database server, I get the following error:

“Testing server specified for this site does not map to…” There’s more text, but I cannot get the error to reproduce itself right now, or rather, it now only says “Unidentified error occured.”

From digging around the web, it seems it’s with my testing server, which has always worked fine for testing php pages until now. It “tests” perfectly fine and I’m able to use it to test php files. In addition, I’m able to connect to my database via phpmyadmin as well as through Cocoa MySQL, that I use to modify the database.

Key notes: my database is served on a database server we setup, db.organization.org while the site is, as expected, hosted on Organization.org I cannot enter db.organization.org into the testing server field, as it does not work (that I can tell). Old dreamweaver didn’t seem to care that they were different sites.

The crazy thing is, this worked before. In face, I still have the recordset (I copied the site files over to the new computer) and the database added, but it now says there are no tables and I cannot connect to the DB in order to create a new recordset. I’m really lost as to what changed, and I’m hoping someone on here can help or at least point me in the right direction.

Thank you for any help in advance.

And, as a Plan B, if anyone has a link to simple instructions to linking to and search and displaying records for a basic php database (search city, and results display people who live in that city), I’d maybe just do it by hand.

If you had your db set up to allow access from a specific IP, make sure your IP hasn’t changed. On cable they can be the same for months then suddenly change. DH is helpful, they display your IP address (you can find this functionality under the DB user…go to the Manage Mysql page and click the username in the middle of the row for that database).

The syntax to do this by hand would be:

// this is the field people enter to search by
$customer_city = $_POST[“customer_city”];

$query = mysql_query(“select * from your_table where city=’$customer_city’ order by city, lastname”);

That lastname is if you want to order results alphabetically by last name. Obviously you would need to change the query to use your field names.

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