Dreamweaver and MySQL

Hi, I am attempting to set up a database connection in dreamweaver 6.1.

Firstly, it asks for some information in the MySQL Connection window…I am not sure what I should put in there.

Connection Name: myconnectionname
MySQL Server: localhost (not sure if this is correct)
User Name: Is this the username of the database, or my ftp username?
Password: well, that depends on the above.
Database: I am assuming the database name?

When I select “test” or “select” I get an http error code 404 file not found. Here are some possible reasons for the problem:

  1. there is no testing server running on the server machine.

Okay, maybe I am setting up the testing server site definition improperly. Or maybe I have to set up php and mysql on my machine to test?

here are my settings for the testing server:
server model: php MySQL
Access: FTP
FTP Host: www.mysite.info
Host Directory: mysite.info/
Login: My login Name
Password: my password
I have selected use Passive FTP
and the URL Prefix…doesn’t look right, but it is

Can anyone help me figure this one out?


okay…now I understand setting up dreamweaver and the database…

firstly, when initially setting up the testing server information, dreamweaver adds your host directory to the url prefix…

ie: http://www.mysite.info/mysite.info/

when I removed the mysite.info/ from it, it connected properly.

I also set up the mysql server as mysql.mysite.info
and used the user name and password for that database.

worked like a charm.

man i spent 24 days trying to figure out the solution and now it is working like a charm thank youuuuuuuu so much