DreamWeaver and MySql

[color=#CC0000] Is anyone else on this huge domain using dreamweaver or even attempted to use it on their site?[/color]

[color=#0000CC] I’ve tried and i had it succesfully working on my site before and then DreamHost issued a warning sayin they were to update their servers or mysql of some sort.[/color]

[color=#CC0000] Whenever i try to use DreamWeaver to connect to my MySql is gives me an error like ‘Forbidden’ yet DreamWeaver works perfectly on other sites!? DreamHost is positive that it is not them with this error, they constantly regrant my permissions to my DataBase which still doesnt seem to be the problem hint hint…[/color]

[color=#0000CC] Has anyone else had/having this problem?[/color]

I have no problems with dreamweaver and mysql, I have about 40 sites on different dreamhost servers and several use mySql. It may be in your site definitions.

It may be…

Would you mind helpin me out :slight_smile:
like you ask me the server information stuffs
i tell ya and you just sorta tell me where it goes :slight_smile:

because when i config it, it doesnt seem to work (btw DW MX 2004)

I specificaly get the error

“HTTP Error Code 401 Unauthorized”