Dreamweaver 8 & using Forms

I’m using Dreamweaver 8 to redesign my Website.
I Need some Help with using form on the Htlm page.
I have designed the form including a Submit Box and a upload file box.
When a person fills out the form and presses the submit buttom, I want all the information send to me via email to my squirrelmail inbox.

How do I do that ?

The page is done in xhtml 1.0 Transitional.
I’m not very good with coding.
I have look into a program called “form to go” from BEBO soft.inc which helps with html email But talks about php script?

I’m confusion with my HTML page and the form and php script for squiremail where do I put the script to make it all work?

Please HELP ?

Have a look at these two DreamHost wiki articles:

PHP Form Processing - explains how to use PHP to collect the information from your form.
PHP mail() - explains how to take the information you have collected and then email it to yourself (which will automatically make it appear in your Squirrelmail inbox).

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