Dreamweaver 8 MySQL Connection

I’m having a hard time configuring a DB connection in Dreamweaver 8 to mySQL DB server here at Dreamhost. I’ve successfully set up an FTP site for the front-end objects but when I create a DB connection, it automatically connects to the FTP server, so I tried creating a new site to the mySQL DB Server to no avail. Help, please? =)

In the panel, under your database, you’ll need to manually add your IP address to the “access list” there. By default only connections from Dreamhost are allowed.

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Yup, I did that already

  • Goodies > Manage MySQL > Clicked the “User Name” under “Database(s) on this server:”, i.e. someone
  • Under the “Allowable Hosts”, I added the IP from which I’m accessing my account.

But when I connect to MySQL using Dreamweaver 8 with the following parameters and click the Test button. I get the message: "HTTP Error Code 404 File Not Found. Here are some possible reasons for the problem:

  1. There is no testing server running on the server machine.
  2. The testing server specified for this site does not map to the http://somewebsite.com/_mmServerScripts/MMHTTPDB.php URL. Verify the URL Prefix maps to the root of the site."

Connection Name:
MySQL server: hostname, i.e. xxxx.somewebsite.com
User name: dbusername, i.e. someone
Password: dbpassword
Database: dbname