Well I am one of those adventurers… One of the first to place my site http://adondeirhoy.com on Dreampress, then added DreamObjects for backups and now into Dreampress.

Maybe being an early adopter is not a good idea sometimes.

Had MaxCDN and decided to switch Dreamspeed, after all why not? It is in the server I trust, everything is working fine, the call it a GO!!.. well I have been suffering with the image uploads.

I have around 29k images in the site, I know it will take some time to upload in this new CDN… but I keep getting this error when trying to upload.

Error 503 Service Unavailable
Service Unavailable
Guru Meditation:
XID: 1126363959
Varnish cache server

Contacted support, they increased my memory to 318… nothing has changed. BTW anyone knows how much memory Dreampress provides?

According to support the server should upload 5 -10 images per hour… do the math… that is 120 days in the best scenario of 10 per hour.

But the problem is that the system is not even uploading that many. In three days it has uploaded non. I decided to go manual on clicking the upload button, managed to pass like 200. But this is not how it is supposed to work. In the end they are charging me for the service.

I would like to know if others have similar issues. DH… are you going to fix this?