Dreampress with Woocommerce and ssl?

Ok ive just bought a dreampress server i fired it up and installed woocommerce onto my website and the cart etc will not work right because of varnish, now the problem is i purchased dreampress for my store and with less hasstle of managing my own vps, with dreampress being a specialist in wordpress hosting i expected that varnish etc would of been configured to run right from the outset with woocommerce and ssl etc, so whats the deal?

I mean should future customers not be aware of these issues before they purchase this service in the form of an explanation on sign up? something like if you are planning to host an online shop dreampress isnt for you and a link to other services they offer? I mean come on guys, i expect other popular plugins such as buddypress etc wont even work correctly on dreampress servers either, but without the honesty before sign up customers are getting ripped off., i contacted you via the live chat and all i got is sorry dreampress may not be the solution for an ecommerce shop.

I then asked if i could disable varnish via ssh and if i did would dreamhost not mess with my settings to be told that they couldnt guarentee if i disable it that they wouldnt reconfigure it back to default???

Does anyone have a viable solution to this? and any help would be appreciated otherwise i have just been ripped off.

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In reading DreamHost’s DreamPress page, I see no mention of Woocommerce, so I’m not sure why you were under that impression. It is literally impossible to configure a server that will run all possible software configurations seamlessly.

I’m sorry you’re frustrated, but you have given us nothing to go on. If you were to explain what behavior you were expecting and what behavior you actually got (and included a link to the site), somebody here might be able to provide a solution.

Sorry for being so vague about it, there is really no point digging deeper into this, this has been confirmed by dreamhost that woocommerce is no good on dreampress via numerous support tickets with each other , by the way what i meant by the cart and pages not working is these parts of the plugin are dynamic and use cookies to send the information when an item is added to the cart system and checkout pages etc, varnish messes with anything dynamic unless exclusions are made serverside thus causing the problems. OH and what i expected to happen you ask? well considering i run 2 other ecommerce websites i suppose i expected the advertised wordpress solution to have all these angles covered or at least warn online shop owners etc that these plans are not for them before signing up due to cart systems and checkout pages not being able to work correctly, this little notice as courtesy on the sign up pages would of saved me alot of hours headache. And yes i do realize that all websites need tweaking to work, but if you cannot tweak them and its out of your hands on an advertised wordpress blazing fast server that cant do anything dynamic then it should be stated! Not the hunt for the wiki page after signing up to find out it states some plugins may not work due to how varnish is configured, it needs to be re-worded to no support is offered for any dynamic plugins whatsoever. Sorry rant over :slight_smile:

Dreamhost refuse to add any fix for woocommerce users even though after a bit of research i found a possible solution, infact they are pretty much stumped when it comes to getting varnish correctly configured with any plugin that updates dynamically, so dreampress rules out alot of popular plugins such as woocommerce and buddypress etc.

Its just one of those things, i have now swapped over to a vps plan instead.

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Do you install Wordpress and Woocommerce shops on Dreamhost (I have hosting) ?

Can you tell me how much costs the needed plugins that are really necessary when setting up a shop ? It’s hard to find good information.
What will be missing in Woocommerce if not buying any plugin ?

Thank you for your help.

Hello, are you woocommerce shops very slow on dreamhost also ?

even on dedicated !

even without many plugins !

What could be the problem ?

Thank you.

It seems that varnish is ok with woocommerce on cloudways…

I’m not aware of any special issues with DreamPress and Woocommerce. One needs to configure Varnish to exclude some pages from the cache. See

This is a very old thread: if you have specific issues, let’s open a new one and discuss things there with new details.

I also want to add Woocommerce to my mobile specs and price [website]https://youmobile.com .pk). I’m having problem with that can you please help me…