DreamPress with High Traffic Sites

Hello all,

I am looking to migrate a clients site to a managed wordpress solution. They currently see around 500,000 sessions a month with around 3.5-4.5 million pageviews a month.

Will DreamPress deliver a exceptional web experience to visitors on a site seeing traffic like that? Does anyone have personal experience hosting an “above average” traffic site with DreamPress?

Glad to provide some information for you! I apologize that I would not be able to give you a definitive, Yes or No answer because all WordPress sites are different, but I’d say “Go for it!”. The way that DreamPress’s optimizations work, if you are using a plugin or theme that creates PHPSessions for each load, it can severely decrease the functionality of Varnish. This can create problems all around and could decrease the ability of DreamPress’s optimizations to be able to handle the traffic needs for this site. That being said! I would suggest trying it out! You can easily create a .dream.press sub-domain install on a DreamPress server and then import your content over and see how it works! There are ways to test the environment against a traffic surge, which would allow you to then dissect the traffic to see if there are other optimizations to be made from that point. DreamPress’s expert support team would be glad to give you more information on plugins or theme elements that may be slowing you down or causing issues with Varnish, should you need their help. From there you can see if DreamPress seems like a good fit for your site and traffic needs. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:


I wanted to second this note: PHPSessions can completely negate any caching, and keeping this on lock down is necessary for any site that size. Any platform that claims to support a site that size is using caching to do the heavy lifting. :slight_smile:

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