DreamPress vs Dedicated Hosting

Hi there, I can’t find the answer to this question- and I am not tech enough to work it out myself.
I currently have $100 a month dedicated hosting. All of my domains are built on wordpress. I have 5 domains that I primarily use. The performance is pretty good.

DreamPress is a service optimised for wordpress, at $20 a month per domain. If I switch my main 5 domains over, that’s $100.

So- the question- if the hosting costs are the same (both are $100 a month), which is going to yield better performance?

Should I stick with dedicated or shift to DreamPress?

Stay with a Dedicated Server.

Unless it’s DreamHost’s version of “dedicated” in which case DreamPress might be a viable alternative if you think they’re offering worthwhile extras in value via services accompanying the $100 hosting charges.

I would stick with Dedi as well, to be honest. If your performance is good, there’s no reason to change unless you’re not confident in maintaining your server yourself.