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I have a DreamPress account. I am trying to figure out the best way to set up a staging site. I tried to follow this thread, but I got stuck when the control panel didn’t let me select the same user for the subdomain. It forced me to create a new user.

What is the recommended approach for setting up a DreamPress staging site?

Also, how are subdomains hosted under a DreamPress account? Are they managed WordPress? Shared? VPS?

If you are looking to develop and work on your site at DreamHost prior to actually moving your site or domain over.

Updating your hosts file so that you can develop under the domain you will use without actually affecting your live domain. Your browser will point to the DreamHost IP but display your domain address.

For example:
#Dream Host
xxx.xx.xxx.xx www. TheDomainYouWillBeUsing. com

Comment it out when you need to switch between your live site and DreamHost version by adding # sign in the beginning of the IP address.

Found this thread looking for information on setting up a staging website for my existing DreamPress website. Was rather hoping we would have a one click solution for this already. This with DreamPress having been around for a while. But it seems you just need to create a subdomain and SCP/SFTP everything over and set things up there. Am I correct?

The basic workflow is to setup another WordPress instance somewhere and clone the production site to this new one. Rsync/SCP the php files from one site to the other, dump the database and restore it on the new one, edit config.php and you’re done. You can use wp-cli to do the heavy lifting.

This process can be done on your local machine instead of messing up with remote machines and subdomains. This howto I wrote should give you a starting point:

I’ve migrated a couple dozen sites to DreamPress, and my workflow was to build the site on a sub-domain (I own staging.pw and use sub-domains for each project). Then when I am finished I would create a new DreamPress instance with the domain, and ensure it was resolving correctly (I host my DNS elsewhere, so it is a thing I have to check).

You can have a new DreamPress instance copy over an existing site, either from shared hosting or DreamPress itself. I build on DreamPress so I know my sites will operate correctly, they are handle a lot of data.

I always make sure to use WP-CLI and search-replace (with --dry-run first!) to ensure the database changes all instances of the URLs in the database.

And finally, you can change the domain for an existing DreamPress instance. On a given instance go to the manage page in the DH panel and choose domain, where you can choose a domain to replace the current one:

This is handy, since you can make sure your domain is resolving correctly and added to DH’s web server, and even get the Let’s Encrypt cert in place, before making your site go live. :slight_smile:

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