Dreampress staging, multiple wordpress installs

Few questions I couldn’t find on here or http://wiki.dreamhost.com/DreamPress.

  1. Would I need another Dreampress instance to host a separate Wordpress install in a subdirectory? It’s a part of the same site but runs on a separate theme.

  2. How does staging work with Dreampress? I’d like the staging site to be as similar to the production site as possible, but does that require another Dreampress instance? (Bringing the total up to three.)

Any other info related to any way Dreampress constraints affect workflow would be helpful. I’m coming from a shared account (on Dreamhost) and minimal administration, and only recently learned about the proper way to set up local, staging and production versions of a site. Some of the stuff that’s mentioned — like creating subdomains, editing htaccess and wpconfig, altering database — could certainly “irreparably break [my] WordPress site,” though obviously there’s a way to do it.

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