Dreampress - slower than regular shared hosting

Dreamhost team -

Though my site has never has blazing speed, adding dreampress a few months back helped it a bit. Since then, it’s had periods of time when it was much faster and then times when it loaded like it was on budget shared hosting.

In the last week, I’ve been getting load times of 20 - 50 seconds. Support has told me “everything’s fine, loads fast for us!” but several different page speed sites loading the site in different cities, as well as friends of mine in different parts of the world, give a completely different story.

20 - 50 second load times! One person in this forum resorted to adding an additional caching plugin to squeeze more performance out of his dreampress site - something we’ve been told isn’t necessary for dreampress.

I really don’t mind being told their is a server issue or an apache problem. What I do mind is being told “everything’s fast on our end, must be you!”

Thanks for the info, Stephanie. Our team has your tickets/tweets, and we’re looking into this for you. You’ll be emailed as soon as information is made available. Thanks again!

you’ve completely wrecked the site now. Back in December after the auto-update of wordpress I noticed my category structure on my site was no longer working. My theme wasn’t recognizing the category designations. One of your technicians rolled back wordpress to the previous version and all was well again. I then set the domain not to auto-update to the latest wordpress install. Well, now one of your techs has updated the wordpress install and I have the same problem again!

AdRotate doesn’t support Varnish: http://www.adrotateplugin.com/2013/07/adrotate-and-caching/

WP Engine and DreamPress both use Varnish for caching, so really you’re going to have a bad time of it with that :confused:

But that isn’t what’s causing the slowdown. I can deactivate it, clear cookies, start a new browser session and still get the same slow speeds.

Further, the P3 Plugin Profiler shows adrotate using very little resources compared to other plugins.

See pic: http://oi39.tinypic.com/34jd5xe.jpg

I realize the plugin doesn’t support caching, but that doesn’t mean it will cause optimize hosting like Dreampress to give 20 - 50 second load times.

That’s exactly what it means.

Like I said in the other post. Load time isn’t the whole picture. If it was, my job’d be a lot easier :slight_smile: Also remember that’s load per visit. What’s happening is that every time someone visits the page, the page has to load. If you use Varnish, your WP site will not get hit and thus the load stays incredibly low. In your case, varnish is never being used, so every time someone visits, the page loads from PHP. You’re never going to get the full benefit of DreamPress if you use that plugin, because the author choses not to write it in a way that’s friendly for Varnish. That’s his prerogative, of course, and sadly means our recommendation would be to not use it.

Let me ask you this, then. I’ve been reading about how to exclude things from varnish caching - the developer of adrotate even mentions in his documentation - to wrap adrotate php calls in exclusion code.

The Varnish homepage mentions Edge Side includes for this. The outcome in my case would be something like esi:remove<?php echo adrotate_group(2); ?></esi:remove> - the caveat is Edge Side Includes have to be turned on in the varnish cache.

Is this possible?