Dreampress & iThemes Security

Hello fellow Dreamhosters.

Have a quick question.

Can I use the iThemes security plugin on Dreampress or will it conflict with anything?

I know that Cache plugins are not recommended because they interfere with Dreampress’ built in Varnish Caching, but what about security plugins.

Is there a good list of what plugins shouldn’t be used on Dreampress?

I’m using iThemes Security Pro with DreamPress (starting two days ago). I enabled all security options except for redirecting the wp-login page. I’m waiting for someone else to do that first and tell me it doesn’t break anything! So far iThemes is working perfectly. I don’t anticipate any problems with it.

Cool enochsvision. Thanks. Why did you disable the re-directing of the wordpress login page though? Just curious. I know that they didn’t recommend wordfence for some reason.