DreamPress dashboard backend painfully slow



Our website load time has dramatically slowed down lately but the worse part is actually working in the WP dashboard. Every action like editing pages or just loading the pages selection is slow as hell.

What have I changed you asked? NOTHING. It has been working fine all this time with the same configuration, I did not install or update any new plugins since then and now it’s crawling. Even backing up the database takes for ever. I have a very fast internet connection

Tech support has suggested turning off as many plugins as possible, which I’ have done (half of them), made no difference.

they sent me a link with suggested caching options but their documentation says:

“f you are using DreamPress (DreamHost’s managed WordPress hosting service), caching plugins and _
optimizations come preinstalled and preconfigured by default. Because of
_ this, DreamPress sites do not need to install WP Super Cache.”

honestly, I dont think they know what’s going on.

Anybody else has this issue?


Sorry to hear about this. If you haven’t changed anything then a sudden slowness could be due to a sudden surge in traffic to your site? Have you checked the traffic logs to see if maybe your site has become suddenly popular or is under attack?

If you share the URL people on this site can also look at it and maybe see if it’s slow for everybody or just you (which is also a possibility that there are issues with networks)… Please share more details: as you can easily see by searching this forum, the possible causes for WordPress slowness are many and varied.


thanks for your response and no, no traffic surge .
Again the worst part is not the site slowness but it’s the back end WP dashboard , also have server time outs when trying to download the database backup.
The site is http://nwfencing.org/


Got it, thanks… the front-end looks quick in fact. For the backend I can’t really tell… it’s probably due to a plugin… Can you share a list of all the extra things you’ve installed on your WordPress?


I already have dis-activated almost all of the plugins as suggested including Jetpack, that made no difference, I also optimized the database as suggested. I use X and cornerstone but I have not updated them because of the update issues with that theme but then again it worked just fine before.

I cant really think of anything I’ve done to cause this. My internet speed is over 128 mbts and I have cleared my browser cache. I also have tested on a different computers and devices in different locations. Same results.


I doubt internet speed has anything to do with this, honestly: if it was that, you’d see slowness on the front-end too.

Most likely, this is due to a combination of theme, plugin(s) and WordPress core version… debugging it requires a bit of work. Upgrading all the upgrade-able things would be a way to start. Then if things are still too slow, I’d suggest to re-create your installation on a development machine and see where things get wedged.


the initial response (time to first byte) is taking 5 seconds but that’s only on the front side , test returned similar with several users. Thanks for your suggestions.

(I have a similar site for another client using the same set of plugins and Theme on BlueHost with the same WP version) no problem there


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