DreamPress + CloudFlare Issues

So I’m kind of at a loss here and thinking my only move is to another platform altogether.

We’ve been with DreamHost for nearly three years, love everything about this company but recently I’ve been put off by what’s been happening with our site.

So we got moved to a new IP a few weeks back and our WordPress installation has been weird to say the least.

We had some downtime and support pointed me to the fact CloudFlare railgun had something to do with it. I disabled that but the problems persisted. The next piece of advise was to disable CloudFlare altogether, which I then did.

When I now publish items or update items, it times out giving me a Varnish cache error. The site on the front-end then slows to a crawl after doing this. We’re also seeing the site hang intermittently.

I’ve wiped the HTaccess clean and started again in case that was causing issues. I’ve boosted the WP memory limit to 500MB (not even sure if it goes this high) but still having these issues.

Is it time to move elsewhere or can someone help!