Dreampress Cache conflict w/ WPTouchPro?

Hi there,

I’m trying to comply w/ Google’s new mobile theme requirement (April 21st). I installed WPTouchPro (with the Infinity Cache extention) and my page seems to be flipping back and forth between the mobile and non-mobile themes, at random. When I purge the cache I get the mobile theme back, but them a few minutes later it goes back to desktop theme.

Is there a conflict w/ the Dreampress cache? ANyone else run into this?

My page www.wheelingit.us


Just to let everyone know. I was NOT ABLE to solve this issue and received no responses. So, I was forced to remove WPTouch from my plugins and switch my blog to a new mobile-responsive theme.

At least from my experience WPTouch is not able to work properly w/ Varnish on Dreampress.