Dreampress and XCache

I’ve had good success keeping CPU and memory usage down with decent load times with my Dreampress hosting site through Varnish, some .htaccess expires, Pagespeed, and the Memcached object drop-in for Wordpress.

I’d like to get back to using W3TC for an upcoming event that will result in high load. On shared hosting previously I found W3TC using disk caching to be worse than useful. I’ve XCache checked off now with Dreampress. When I try to use Opcode: Xcache in W3TC, I receive an error.

Any tips to getting XCache up and running on Dreampress? Is XCache object caching going to be superior to Memcached?

It’s running, just not in a way that W3TC likes :confused:

Memcached, IMO, is better.

Sorry for the crosspost. I wanted to make sure your guru skills were fully realized. I’ll continue this on the other thread.