DreamPress and Multisite sub-directrory mode

I am working on a WP Multisite project. It will use the sub-directory mode and therefore not require domain mapping to support subdomains. I had read (unfortunately now obsolete) posts that confirmed that Multisite does work under DreamPress. The current FAQs and other documentation indicates that this is not true.

I am curious to know more about the specific incompatibilities. I’m willing to tackle some amount of workarounds or customization to get it to work but I get the sense it is fundamentally incompatible. As a flavor of WordPress, I’m wondering what specifically causes the breakage. I’m guessing some aspects of ModSecurity, Varnish, or even DreamShield don’t play nice.

I’d be ecstatic if reknown Multisite expert @Ipstenu-DH could provide insight. I’m not looking forward to recreating the web services layer under DreamCompute or similar VPS-with-root environment.

Multisite is not supported on DreamPress. This is still true.

If you’re using the subfolder version, it would mostly work, but neither the cache plugin nor the system as a whole is designed for it. Not only will you face some weirder errors, but there isn’t the support staff in place (anywhere really) who truly GETS Multisite :frowning:

Modsec is fine. It’s Varnish/Nginx (and the plugin that integrates with them) that are going to be the headaches. Subdomains and mapping are 100% not going to work due to the way we built the stack.

FWIW I run Multisite with subdomains and mapping on a non-root VPS here, but it also has no caching services. Doesn’t happen to need them.

Thank you so much for the details. If the issues with the object and Varnish caches and related plugins are limited to proper expiration of content and the hooks therein, that’s something I’m willing to work on improving, and contribute back whatever I learn. Any specifics about what’s meant by that and “weirder errors” would give me a leg up on that process. (I’m willing to work on hearsay…)

A standard DH VPS would likely work but we’d like to keep the performance gains from both the object and page caches for high traffic situations. It’s definitely on my list of options.

TBF, it’s been a year or more since I’ve last tried Multisite on DreamPress since I know it’s not supported and I wasn’t super inclined to work on code no one will use :slight_smile:

IF you wanted to try it out, I would recommend using v 5.0 - https://github.com/Ipstenu/varnish-http-purge/tree/REL_50 - which is still pretty beta, but has some fixes that should remove most (if not all) outright errors on Multisite.

The plugin, ironically, works great on Subdomain/mapped domain multisite, as it’s easy for it to tell what to flush and what not to flush on post update. Conversely that’s what works worst on the service side since we did not craft out the rules for the cache proxy to properly handle those (nor did we setup domain mapping in an SSL friendly way, as there was no need). So it’s kind of a toss up there :confused:

From memory, the biggest issue on subfolder multisite will be that a purge ‘all’ from the main site will also purge all from subsites as the call is to a wildcard, and doesn’t know ‘not these foldernames’. In an attempt to combat that, the plugin restricts what it tries to purge and who has access to the ‘purge all’ features more than normal. On top of that, the rest API specific purge calls haven’t been tested with multisite much at all.

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