DreamObjets Slow/Timeouts

Anyone is experiencing slow access and timeouts to dreamobjects in the last 24h?

Hi Pmav,
Yes. It is especially bad today. I upload and download files all the time and keep a record of how long it takes. For about a month the average time to upload 10 jpegs has been about a second with infrequent exceptions of a few seconds. Last Sunday was pretty normal, 1.014 seconds each time except one at 3.023 (over 24 hours). Yesterday and today have been very slow. Note the change in vertical scale. Tuesday shows through 11 AM.


I had trouble loading my users in the “Manage” tab today. Other than that, everything seems normal.

There was some maintenance done on April 27th. I haven’t seen any other status updates about it so far.

My apologies for the late reply, but I wanted to chime in and let you know that we had a 6X traffic spike on Monday and Tuesday that caused instability for other users. I’ve been in contact with them and traffic is back at normal levels.

May 28 about 1:50 PM up & downloads got very slow. If I test by downloading 10 files, 9 will be fast and then one will take about a minute. Or 8 are fast and one takes 10 seconds and the other takes 20 seconds.

OK, that only lasted about one hour and has been fine since.

I’ve also been experiencing slow uploads for the last few days with DreamObjects. I’ve been using the Cyberduck software to upload files and repeatedly gotten time-out errors and more recently java errors during the process. While some of the java errors may be related to the Cyberduck software, this wasn’t a problem about a month ago and the Cyberduck software is the same version now as then. The files I’m uploading are usually around 100 Mb in size, so the slow download time could offer plenty of opportunity for a disconnect error.

Anyone having issues in the last 8h? Slow access, timeouts…

Yes. I just looked at the record of yesterday’s activity. Starting at 5 AM uploads and listings got very slow to the point of timing out. But back to normal after 10 AM.