I have 31G of meeting videos on line… using FLASH until 2016 and then HTML5


DH is forcing me to take them off the web server and move them to DreamObjects.

The problem is I cannot run these index files on DreamObjects and people will no longer be able to view the videos.

Also if I move them elsewhere all the flash video links in the index files will be broken the videos will all fail.

Also we cannot upload files >64Mb onto DreamObjects and it does not support FTP

Anyone have any ideas ?

You don’t move the entire site to DreamObjects, only the large files. Keep your index files where they are, and update the links on them to reflect their new location in DO.

There are a number of apps that will let you get around the 64MB browser limitation. You can see a list of them here:


I use CrossFTP on Windows and Linux, where the free version works well. I have previously used Transmit (which is not free) on Mac; it is solid, well-supported, and I recommend it.

Thanks… some of that is helpful.
I moved PDF’s there … but i cannot list them like this


I would have to manually update a couple hundred index files…

DH said unlimited disk space when we signed up in 2005 and now that’s not true anymore. There are files that are on a legit web professional web page. I’m pretty disappointed. It’s not an abuse of web server space. [just venting]. Now we have hours and hours of labor intensive edits of index files as well as moving 31g’s of video …

[b]THANK YOU for the tips

(your tech blog is pretty nice… by the way … just subscribed RSS)