DreamObjects very slow


I connected my shared hosted ownCloud to my DreamObjects bucket (using S3). The transfer speed is very very very slow! It takes about 30 seconds to create an empty (!) folder using ownCloud’s web interface.
I followed : http://wiki.dreamhost.com/How_to_Use_ownCloud_with_DreamObjects

Is this normal?
Can I do something about it?


Hi geohe,
I hadn’t noticed a slow down about 4 AM on Christmas. But I wasn’t really paying attention. Maybe somebody from DH knows. There are slow times once in a while.
I don’t use ownCloud, I hadn’t heard of it before.
Is your connection better now?

No. It takes +30 seconds to display a folder of DHO.
web server based folders (= local) display in 1 second!

I cancelled the DHO trial account.
DH support offered me to relocate my webserver, which I didn’t accept.

My web server (dekalb) is located in Ashurn (VA) while the DHO is in Irvine (CA). According DH support, this is the problem. Well … if this inter-US connection is the the reason for the slow transfer, there’s something else going wrong.

I’d be very surprised if the reason for the slowness is due to the web server being across the country. We’ve seen several issues where some requests are slower than expected. We have an upgrade scheduled for tomorrow that I expect will help with a lot of these problems. If you’re up for it, give it another shot later this week.