DreamObjects strange behavior in Google Chrome

I am experiencing strange behavior uploading files to DO in Google Chrome. If I click “Upload Objects” the normal upload pane appears, but without the “Done” button.

Files will upload, but I can’t click done so I can go back and change their permissions. I have to close the entire bucket popup and reopen it in order to work with the files.

I have starting Chrome with plugins and extensions disabled and it has had no effect.

Everything works fine in Firefox.

Has anyone else seen this, and if so have you found a fix for it? Or is it an incompatibility between DO and Chrome? I haven’t found any references this out there, so I’m assuming it’s something strange about my Chrome installation.

Thanks for the report. I noticed it in Safari too. Looks like something that may have been missed in the new panel design. I’ll have the team work on a fix!


Now I can’t upload anything in either browser. They exhibit the same behavior as above, but nothing gets loaded. I can now only upload using CrossFTP.

As a follow-up: the “Done” button appears, but nothing gets loaded into the bucket.

Just downloaded and tried Vivaldi browser. Same results.

On the other hand, that is one fast browser.

This is working in Safari on OS X 10.11.1 but doesn’t work in Chrome. It seems to be an issue that doesn’t affect all operating systems. Our UX team fixed a lot of the other issues, but they’re still looking into this one.

Thank you for the update.

Now works in Chrome on Windows 7. (Still have to check other browsers.)

Thank you!