[DreamObjects] Please Make it Easier to Delete Folders in the Control Panel

So I seem to have messed up and created a heap of duplicate folders in my Dream Objects bucket, but the web-panel (under View Objects) doesn’t make it very easy to clear a whole folder, as it currently only seems to be possible to delete a folder by deleting all of the files inside it first.

I’d like to see an option to delete a whole folder in a single step (with appropriate confirmation first) to make this a lot easier.

Coincidentally, does anyone know another way I can delete a folder quickly? Fortunately by objects usage is pretty low, so accidentally doubling it hasn’t made a big difference to me, but because of the duplicates Duplicity is no longer removing old snapshots automatically as it doesn’t recognise that they’re there since it only sees the newer of the two folders.

I think it may have occurred when I switched to the new URL for Dream Objects, not sure why, but I thought I’d mention it in case that impacts how I can remove the folders with other tools (e.g- will I need to use the old URL to select the old vs new folder)?

Try an sFTP/S3 client like Cyberduck (I use Transmit on the Mac). It will let you connect and manipulate your objects like a normal filesystem.

If you’re on Windows or Linux, CrossFTP works well.

I looked at CrossFTP as a multi-platform solution, but it appears to be paid software, whereas CyberDuck is free.

Thanks, I totally forgot that Transmit has S3 support!

Not sure how I ended up with these duplicate folders in the first place; some of them have full backups in both so deleting the older folder was fine, but others appeared to be split across the two as if Duplicity was accessing both folders when it connects.

Since this is just an extra backup I’ve just opted to wipe the whole bucket and start fresh, and have set Duplicity to run with greater verbosity so I’ll have more detail in the log if it happens again. With the timing being the last couple of months it seems to coincide with the change in Dream Objects domain though, but I can’t find the e-mail that informed me of it (I made the change the same day), so I can’t be certain.

There is a free version, which lets you upload/download/create directories, etc. The paid version ($25 for life, or until they change their minds, whichever comes first) gives you full access, including changing file permissions.

Alas, Cyberduck is not available for Linux, which is where I’ve finally landed. :frowning:

CrossFTP is the only thing I’ve found for Linux.

When I was on Mac, I loved—absolutely loved—Transmit. Worth every penny.

The DreamHost control panel has limited functionality for deleting objects and folders. If you’re trying to do bulk operations like deleting entire folders, then I have the same recommendations as the other posters above: Cyberduck and CrossFTP.

Since you’ve settled on Linux, you may be interested in command line options too - I like S3cmd and AWS CLI.

Oohhh…shiny! Thank you for this!