Dreamobjects/OwnCloud/Mac client

I am running Owncloud 9.1 on a VPS. I am trying to connect it to DreamObjects storage. It works fine on the webclient, on the android client, but it isn’t syncing only with my Mac Client. I get an error message saying Operation canceled and connection closed each time.

Anyone come across this? I’ve searched these forums to no avail.

I’m running OwnCloud 9.0.x and use a Mac

  1. I originally set up OwnCloud on my VPS (shared server just didn’t cut it) with DreamObjects.
  2. Yes, it worked on my Mac, but it was painfully slow.
  3. I switched to local storage on my VPS and it’s much faster now.

What I see from your description is the Web and Android client aren’t doing a file sync, but more like browsing and grabbing a file when needed. The Mac is trying to do a full sync. For whatever that’s worth Maybe someone has more insight. Have you tried the OwnCloud forums?