DreamObjects over NFS?



Apologies if this sounds a bit confused, but I am still trying to wrap my mind around some of the concepts involved.

I would like to send approx. 60KB/sec of Zoneminder CCTV coverage (i.e., a bunch of .jpg files) to an off-premises storage location. DreamObjects looks like it might fit the bill, if only for reasons of convenience.

Apparently, the way this needs to be done is to export Zoneminder’s ‘/events’ directory to whatever service I’ll be using, and I was thinking along the lines of a NFS share mapping to DreamObjects. I did come across Sebastian Han’s ‘NFS over RBD’ write-up, so, in general, this appears to be doable.

Does anyone have any experience with this kind of setup? If so, where does the magic happen? Will I need to setup some kind of NFS-to-RBD gateway on one of my local boxes?

Any pointers and/or sanity checks greatly appreciated!




RBD access is not available as part of DreamObjects — sorry. That’s a different component of Ceph from what’s used in DreamObjects, and we have other plans for it.

If your application is limited to storing data to a mounted file system, you may want to take a look at s3fs.



Great pointer. Thanks! This definitely looks less involved than the RBD option. I hate to take my business somewhere else, though; so if this ever becomes a DreamObjects feature, gimme a shout :slight_smile:

Bests, Mike


Wait a minute, who said anything about going elsewhere? :smiley: I’m pretty sure that s3fs can access buckets on DreamObjects just like it can AWS.


Hah! Guess it helps to read the documentation occasionally :wink: Speaking of which, it looks as if I can simply do a ‘mount -t ceph […] /path_to_zm/events’ on an enabled kernel. Correct?


Incorrect. That’s for mounting a CephFS filesystem, which requires direct access to the Ceph cluster, and is not a component of DreamObjects.

Keep in mind that DreamObjects is an object store, not a file system. While there are some resemblances, they’re not the same thing.


Ok. Got it. Thanks for bearing with me on this one. I’ll give the s3fs route a shot.

Bests, Mike


Well, that (s3fs) didn’t work out too well… Zoneminder’s mo(tion re)cord processes keep crashing on me; I assume due to high latency. I didn’t get a chance yet to go hunting for bottlenecks, but between context switching and web protocols, there appears to be too much overhead for a workable solution. Is there anything out there that will allow for real-time read/write access to off-site storage w/o major latency issues? I’m not married to NFS, but it still looks like the most lightweight solution.

Any pointers greatly appreciated!

Bests, Mike


Hey Mike, it’s possible you could use DreamCompute - http://www.dreamhost.com/cloud/dreamcompute/

I’m envisioning creating a server and exporting an NFS mount. You could store the data there or setup a cronjob to export it to DreamObjects.

We’re planning to expand the beta next month. Contact me if you’re interested.


Do you need to send the data to an offsite storage in realtime or could you batch upload it every few minutes? A batch upload to DreamObjects using boto-rsync should be pretty doable.