Dreamobjects is down



east is not responding. last known contact t 1PM
west does serve files
I’ve started a support ticket.


It’s back, down for about an hour.


They don’t tend to care about outages they blamed my outages this year on plugins but then come to find out it was a server wide issue but they did nothing to make it right


Well the Monday outage was just about an hour. There have been a large number of shorter outages since. Hundreds per day. I get 408 - timed out errors. It’s down now.


I got this from DreamHost:

I apologize for the difficulties you encountered with the DreamObjects
service! Our Cloud engineers identified a minor networking issue around
the time you were experiencing those errors today, and we have since
resolved them. The panel and server should be working normally now, but
let us know if you are still seeing those issues.
Ryan T.
DreamHost Support

So OK!


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