DreamObjects Ip Adresses

What are DreamObjects Ip Adresses (IP Tables), so client machines with very restricted cfs (firewalls) can be properly configured?

The IPs you’re looking for are and 2607:f298:4:143:acce:55::1

While the storage cluster has many nodes to handle traffic, they are behind load balancers. This makes management of a large cluster easier as well as provides scalability. Because of this configuration, it appears that everything is served from one IPv4 and one IPv6 address.

What are the ports I need opened in the firewall, to make sure my machine will be able to to awscli sync tool to upload & download (sync) files from my buckets?

DreamObjects connections are all over HTTP or HTTPS so you’ll want to ensure port 443 is opened on your firewall for HTTPS traffic to and from DreamObjects.

Are these numbers: and 2607:f298:4:143:acce:55::1
still correct?

With the new hostname of objects-us-west-1.dream.io there are also new IPs:

IPv6: 2607:f298:4:143:acce:55:2:1