DreamObjects east problem


I have a perl program to change the ACL of my objects. On objects-us-east-1.dream.io It fails with the error: MissingContentLength
And if I try to change the permssion of an object on east in the DH web panel it fails with this message in a red box: Network error. Try again later.
However, both work on west.


I got a nice reply from support. But it didn’t help. I can’t set the objects on east to public-read. I really can’t make my users look at their images on east if they won’t show. I don’t have time to generate exception urls for all the image.
I’ll have to keep them looking at west until this is fixed. I have thousands of images that got migrated with the acl set to private. I hope there is a quick way to change them.


I just migrated and noticed the bucket and the objects are set private and then panel gives network errors trying to change that.

I used s3cmd to quickly change all object permissions

s3cmd setacl -P -r s3://bucket

Which is the command to set the ACL recursively setting permission to Public. There is an .s3cmd config file where the details are stored. See https://s3tools.org/usage


Thanks! I’d completely forgotten about s3cmd. I didn’t know -r even worked on setacl.


Using S3cmd, but I’m getting lots of failures, error 74 I/O on a file. It’s rather tedious to find out where it stopped and make up a list of fix-ups.


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