DreamObjects -> DH hosting data charge

Amazon S3 (and competitors) typically don’t charge for data “out” transfer when it remains within the datacentre, e.g. to EC2 in the same AWS availability zone.

I see no mention of this in the DreamObjects web pages – does this mean that all data transfer out, including that to DreamHost shared/VPS hosting, etc, is charged for? If that’s the case, are there any plans to change this, especially when DreamCompute (eventually) goes live?

That’s correct, right now we charge for all data downloaded from DreamObjects. We are investigating how to change this with DreamCompute for the future.

Do you have any plans to change this with respect to DreamHost web hosting, or only DreamCompute?

We are investigating changing that for both DreamCompute and DreamHost shared/VPS/dedicated.