DreamObjects bucket access problem started today

This afternoon we became unable to access our primary bucket to upload new files. We noticed a slow down this morning. Now, we cannot view the contents of the bucket through the Web Panel or through our usual client (Transmit). Previously uploaded files can be accessed through their URLs, but we are in a difficult position if we cannot continue to upload. This is the whole reason we went with DreamObjects in the first place. We have another bucket that seems to be functioning correctly.

Support chat confirmed/escalated the issue and created a support ticket. We’re anxiously down until this is resolved.

Received an update overnight that the issue had to be forwarded to a DreamObjects developer/engineer. No option but to wait for a response.

Here’s an update - 6 days later. We still do not have access to our bucket. Temporary access has been restored (two times we have been able to get in for a couple of hours) through communication with Dreamhost tech support through email (this takes a while for a response). Their explanation is that our bucket is large which slows access down & is more demanding on the system. They are going through some hardware upgrade (monitors?) and will be fully functional some time this week. But perhaps they would prefer to post an actual explanation to customers - as nothing has appeared here or on the http://www.dreamhoststatus.com/ page.

I don’t know how a 500gb bucket could be considered large when they are offering storage plans up to 100tb.

I can’t access mine either and it’s only 80 gb.

This should be resolved now. If you’re still having issues, please open up a ticket and someone will try to help you out.