Dreamhosts What is Going On

So my site is down yet again, looking though here no official response from Dreamhosts, check out the great Emergency page http://status.dreamhost.com/ and as always everything is fine.

Anyone else getting this?

Yeah, I’m down too right now, but it’s only been two minutes so far. Generally, if it’s something they can resolve quickly (under 30 minutes), they concentrate on fixing it rather than wasting time with the emergency status page.

I don’t work here. I’m just your typical support forum volunteer.

i use a tracking service hour and half on friday, sadly the nature of my site, dreamhosts seem to collapse when i get a plug from a much bigger site :frowning:

Oh well as always i will ride it out … get drunk and think about my lost hits and google money :wink:

Another problem is that the Emergency Status Page, while showing that everything is running fine, hasn’t been updated since March 21st!

Shouldn’t that be updated just a little more often? Seeing that makes me wonder if it is even worth having at all…

My sites have been down for over an hour, and were down last night for a while. Mail’s been down for (by their count) almost 18 hours. This is ridiculous.

im back now phew… its has been a daily thing and im surprised dreamhosts have at least not mailed it to the admin panel announcements.

Dreamhost support if you are reading this, let us know you are having problems then you wont get peeps getting “ducked” of, all we need is little communication.

nope, no problems here

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Perhaps there hasn’t been an emergency since March 21st?

I don’t work here. I’m just your typical support forum volunteer.

Yes, indeed. The emergency status page is supposed to be of use when DreamHost’s OWN website is unavailable.

DreamServers.net :: DreamWhois.com :: DreamRegistrar.com

Here is the status page that is specific to your servers. (web mail). https://panel.dreamhost.com/index.cgi?tree=status.sysstat&

If your looking for an explanation, chances are it would be posted in an announcement.


I don’t think I’ve seen an announcement about the recent spat of email problems. One of my client’s account was suffering from the 4-hour email delay problem on Friday, but I haven’t seen an acknowledment of the problem, a resolution or a response to my trouble ticket.

The only announcement I remember seeing recently is the one about some email being lost, but that was a couple of days after the fact.

They are absolutely hopeless. I don’t think they like to acknowledge anything is wrong. My email has been playing up for weeks and not so much as a sorry.

I am also having email problems with several domains hosted by DreamHost. Messages not going through, or being delayed for an eternity, mail forwarding to our BlackBerry addresses seems to be non functional on top of things as well. Sadly, It is becoming a regular thing with them, and the last time two weeks ago we were without email for almost 2 full days. If this continues, I will be forced to move myself and my client’s to another more stable host. I’ve always been happy with their service, but now the problem seem more frequent and last longer. And my customers seem to be yelling at me louder.

If you are seeing daily downtime of your website, it is most likely a problem with the server you are hosted on specifically and not a system-wide thing. We do monitor all of them and are generally aware of any ongoing problems but it sometimes may take a little while to get a solution in place depending on the situation. Please let us know if you are having regular problems and our support team can convey any information about the status of any fixes being worked on.

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I don’t know anything about the blackberry problem. You should contact our support team about that. Provide specific information we can use to test the connection to see what might be causing the problem.

The majority of the other recent email problems we have had (including the four hour delay on Friday) are related to our junk mail filters. The amount of email passing it through it has been increasing very quickly and has turned up some problems we did not encounter in our earlier beta testing period. We have already fixed a few problems and have added additional specific monitoring to the junk mail servers to detect problems. It is one of our highest priority projects at the moment. Email service is obviously very important.

Turning off our junk mail filters will bypass the majority of the email problems so you may want to do that if the timeliness of your email delivery is critical to you. We did have the service in testing for quite awhile before going ‘live’ with it, but the testing did not uncover all of the potential problems.

We are currently announcing another email delay we detected this morning so if you are missing some mail and are using our junk mail servers, it should be coming through soon.

We use our own junk mail filters on much of our own email and we are fully committed to continuing to work on it until it’s working 100% of the time and is not delaying email. We’re very sorry for any convenience or lost productivity and we are working very hard to ensure things run smoothly.

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I am not sure that spam filtering is even on on one of the domains having problems, but will look into it. As far as the handheld device issues, the problem is with your email forwarding, not our blackberry handhelds or our treos. Either the message is not forwarded at all, or there is a significant delay before the message is received vs our inbox on our desktop inboxes, or an email sent directly to the blackbery email address (user@tmo.blackberry.net or similar) you are supposed to be forwarding to. This is in addition to the 4 hour plus delay in getting our email to the inbox on our desktops. Is email forwarding a victim of the spam filtering as well?

The junk filter is enabled for the entire domain and all email for the domain has to go through the junk mail servers so it would affect forwarding as well, yes. If you do receive the message in your inbox on our servers it should also already have been handed off to the blackberry.net mail servers as well, though.

I took a quick look through some mail server logs and I see quite a few messages showing the blackberry mail servers refusing incoming connections for 5 minutes or so before accepting the message. From what I can see it looks like a problem with their servers as it just says ‘connection refused’ or ‘connection timed out’.

You should submit a support request if you would like us to look into it further because we’ll need specific information from you.

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thanks for that will do, been fine “gulp” touch wood for the last two days :slight_smile:

Im in the middle of doing a mini redesign of the site.

My site has been going down like crazy all weekend except I don’t have extended at least. Its just a little annoying because it will work for bout 5 minutes then go down. Comes back a few minutes later and does same thing