DreamHost's web site is invalid and inaccessible

I’ve been trying to register a complaint with DreamHost regarding their website, but my words seem to be falling on deaf ears. I was hoping that someone here might help me figure out how to explain the issue to customer support in a clearer fashion so that it can be taken care of. I have pasted below my customer support requests and the response I received.

Here’s my first message:

DreamHost’s response:

And my reply:

Please let me know what you think.

I completely agree with you. The DreamHost site is hopelessly inaccessible. It may be a 2006 design, but there are 1997 techniques behind it.

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Why are you worrying about it? Is it your website? Are your customers affected by it? If not, then it seems to me that you are just being a busybody, fussing about something that is none of your business. This is like fussing about whether or not your neighbor’s yard has dandelions, whether their car is washed to your specs, that their kid brushes regularly with Crest, or whether or not they go to a church you approve of.

I’m very sure Dreamhost is aware of their website and its limitations. Personally, it is a HELL of alot better than most of the ugly, impossible to navigate domain hosting service websites around the net.

Get a life.

Perhaps the person who originally posted, or someone that person knows, is unable to properly make use of the DreamHost site due to the accessibility concerns discussed. As paying customers, we have a right to expect DreamHost to make every effort to ensure that their site is accessible to us.

If you have nothing useful to offer this discussion, then perhaps you are just being a busybody, fussing about something that is none of your business.

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Seems to me you both have no problems at all if you made it here. Busybodies all. Umm…there are kids starving in the world. You’d make better use of your time clicking to help the hungy. It’s free and is a better use of time. Try http://www.thehungersite.com

Excellent suggestion. I think I’ll add that to The Deepening too.

How does one cure “hungyness” then, zentao? I am unfamiliar with the affliction.

Clearly you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about, so perhaps you should confine your comments to matters in which you have some sort of feeble understanding. Web accessibility is very important, and in some cases (like any kind of government-involved site) legally required. With a minor investment in accessibility, DreamHost would be able to improve the usability and performance of their site.

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I am not blind, but I may one day be, and I hope that web developers take the simple steps necessary to make their sites more accessible to those who cannot see. I can’t make the entire web accessible, but as a DreamHost customer, perhaps I can change this one website and make its developers aware of the issue.

Please do not mock this issue. Disability is not something to take lightly. I have friends who are blind, and I once worked with a man who was legally blind and had to use a screenreader for all of his computer work. Unfortunately, he was unable to view many websites because web developers ignore the needs of blind users.

Judging by Brett’s response, they are not aware. He suggested I resize the fonts in my browser, which shows a lack of understanding of the issue.

You are not understanding my concern. I don’t care whether the site is ugly or beautiful or easy to navigate or not. That’s not the problem at all. I only care whether the site is accessible.

Think about what would happen if one day an accident or disease leaves you blind. Would you continue to hold this attitude?

Tell you what. Go over geocities and start there. Then go to angelfire.com and continue there. Then…

As to accessability, seems to me that since you are unafflicted, you are indeed just being a busybody, stirring things just because. Waste of life, that.

As to the hungryness issue to the poster immediately above you, a click a day helps feed the hungry, so that helps. This doesn’t…but then, I know, kindness is so very out of style, now, isn’t it? How about volunteering at your local food bank or at the meals for the hungry in your community? Doing that already, are you?

As to my disabilities? Well, they are mine, and I do have one, so you are barking at the wrong cat.

Since you missed the “hungyness” joke, perhaps your major disability is an inability to read properly. Or maybe it’s just being a busybody yourself. Or maybe it is just because you are a bit embarrassed.

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I’m not embarrassed at all. Thank you, but zentao.com hasn’t been worked on for years and years and, quite honestly, I could care. It isn’t my problem. It’s on someone else’s plate of to-do’s when someone has some extra time…which none of us do. Has been for quite some time.

So why am I surfing these forums? Looking for an answer to a question. And I found it. Amazing. So I’m going to go back to my own plate of to-do’s and you continue to have a great, non-productive, irritable-bowel syndrome life.

That’s odd. I see © Copyright 2005 zentao.com on almost every page.

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But it seems you are. I can tell, because it appears you were annoyed enough to use the contact form on my website to send me a message:

[quote][b][color=#CC0000]Title: Ooz
Name: Wuggles
Organization: snuggles
Email: toscjessey@imugly.com

Comments: Ooo look it’s another blog Wow. Exciting.[/color][/b][/quote]
Presumably, you thought that filling in a fake email address would cover your tracks, but you forgot about the IP address. It resolves to Post Falls, ID - only 50 miles south of Dover, ID (where your website is registered). Of course, it could just be a startling coincidence.

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