DreamHost's Pydio Not Connecting to Domain

Hello, I’m a new user. I have designed a website on Dreamweaver and it is fully connected via DreamHost’s Pydio. These files are successfully uploaded into Pydio. I followed the instructions and from the DreamHost Dashboard, I went to USERS>Manage Users>Connect Via FTP>(prompt to sign in). After entering password and signing in, I am directed to a page titled "Index of ftp://user@chain-lightning.dreamhost.com/. Beneath this heading, there is a folder with the text “Up to higher level directory” and beneath this there is an indentation showing bolded text Name, Size, and Last Modified. Under these bolded texts, I see a folder reading ‘logs’, beneath a folder reading ‘Maildir’, and beneath that reading ‘mywebsitehere.com’ (this is my website!). As well, if you visit mywebsitehere.com (my website) there is an error message reading “Site Not Found”. Have tried viewing on multiple browsers with the same results. Sorry for the long message, but at this point I’m frustrated.