Dreamhosts Position on torrent seeding?


1st, will using torrentflux to download and seed stuff get me booted off?

Will dreamhost care about what i could be seeding, and would they take a look… ever?



I don’t know DreamHost’s position on torrent seeding (and I’m not 100% sure what that is), but why would you be worried about DreamHost viewing what you’re seeding? Unless you plan on seeding illegal content.



DreamHost allows trackers, but there is no way they will let you host illegal torrents.

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Are you sure? The DreamHost Wiki article on the subject suggests otherwise. The article quotes an email from DreamHost support that says in part…

[color=#0000CC]"In case some of you didn’t know, DreamHost does not allow the use of BitTorrent software on its servers. The reasoning behind that isn’t that we have anything against BitTorrent (heck, most of us use it ourselves). The problem is that with the amount of bandwidth at our disposal, the trackers simply end up handling too much data and eating up far too many resources (both CPU and bandwidth) and end up affecting the level of service we can offer the other people on our shared hosting servers.[/color]


[color=#0000CC]“for the sake of everybody who has to share their resources with you, refrain from running BitTorrent software on your accounts. If we catch you running one we reserve the right to shut it down with no notice.”[/color]

Of-course, if the original poster intends to seed illegal content, then this violates the DreamHost TOS, whether or not DreamHost allows trackers would be immaterial in this case.


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I was under the impression that running trackers was okay, after reading this Boing Boing post.

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You may very well be correct. The DreamHost position on this matter does seem to be ambiguous, with different sources suggesting different policies.

Maybe a DreamHost rep will see this thread and enlighten us as to their current policy.


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BitTorrent, in general, is frowned upon. A big issue is that it is generally used for illegal content. A bigger issue is that we currently do not have a system set up to track it’s bandwidth.

The biggest issue perhaps, is that software like BitTornado, etc… generally shoots the load up on servers.


Torrent downloading and torrent seeding are absolutely not allowed. Few people seem to know this, but bittorrent consumes a huge amount of resources. BT uses dozens of open connections, writing to dozens of individual files at separate locations, many times a second. The amount of memory and CPU load needed to run just one single BT client is very high. We run NFS-mounted home directories and BT over NFS is extremely inefficient and causes performance slowdowns for everybody on your server and everybody sharing your network storage filer (which could span dozens of other servers.) CPU usage tends to shoot up to a load of 50, 100, or even 150… where normal is 2.

Because of this, BitTorrent violates two parts of our terms of service. It is a “server process”, that is, it listens on ports for incoming connections and it runs after you’ve logged out. It also interrupts service for other customers. All BitTorrent clients will be killed on sight regardless of what type of content they are transferring.

Trackers, on the other hand, are disabled on a case by case basis. If it’s a process that listens for incoming connections, it will be disabled. I’ve seen some BT pages made in PHP and sometimes they’re acceptable, and sometimes they’re so badly written that even the most moderate amount of traffic will crash the server repeatedly. The latter get disabled very quickly.

Anything at all involved in piracy of any kind will be disabled regardless, for violation of our lawful purpose clause of the terms of service.

Hope that helps.