Dreamhosts needs Canadian Domain Names (.ca)

Dreamhost should really apply for Canadian Domain Hosting. As .com’s run out, .ca’s are being gobbled and will need a place to dwell!

You can host .ca domains at DreamHost by simply configuring the name servers for the domain, you just can’t use DreamHost as the registrar for such domains.


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DH register only gTLDs now.
There is too many ccTLD for them to manage.

You can register .ca here http://www.domain.ca for instance and host it on dreamhost

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  1. I’m not sure about the rules how to apply .com.xx domain in other countries. But in singapore, only a company can apply a .com.sg domain name.

  2. I think the solution is obvious. As mark said, you can register the domain somewhere else and host it in DH by setting up DNS.

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The rules vary by country code. The Wikipedia articles on each ccTLD sometimes give information on the policies and structure, to the degree of accuracy and reliability Wikipedia normally has (I’m one of the people trying to edit those articles into completeness and accuracy). .ca in particular currently allows direct registration at the second level; some other ccTLDs don’t.

– Dan

soon we will all be using .ng domains… :slight_smile:

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I don’t need more domains to eat $10/year