Dreamhosts name servers arent allowed

on my registrar, dk-hostmaster, dreamhosts nameservers aren’t allowed. But i have found a free dns-service. then i need a static ip-adress of the server at dreamhost, what is it?

(i havent signed up yet at dreamhost)

You can always get your site a static IP (for $4.95 per month). http://www.dreamhost.com/shared/comparison.html.

If you’re going to put your referral ID in every DH link you post, at least be honest about it. Hiding it like this just looks sleazy, like you’re trying to get one past people (which you are, actually). It’s tacky and reeks of referral spamming.

If you want useful replies, ask smart questions.

Did you contact support at the registrar in question? Something is obviously broken on their end.

If you want useful replies, ask smart questions.

yeah cuz that would be a shame if long standing helpful guy BobS were to get a referral

who cares what bob does with his links again?

as an aside, I’ve always wondered how effective your links have been Bob?


[i]yeah cuz that would be a shame if long standing helpful guy BobS were to get a referral

who cares what bob does with his links again?[/i]

So why hide it?

If you want useful replies, ask smart questions.

perhaps that’s why we don’t see it the same, if you’ve been around long enough you’d know good and well that Bob’s a referral ho and anylink he posts contains his referral in it, it’s a given :slight_smile:


Can’t speak fer BobS, but it doesn’t look too hidden to me. Just prettier when it’s not being moused over. Sure is no crime (not even bad manners) to get credit for referring someone. Just my 2 cents.


Anonymous, you’re trying to host a .dk (Denmark) domain with Dreamhost – this is a little tricky because DK-hostmaster is different than most registrars. I already have two .dk domains on Dreamhost and I’ve got some experience to share about how to make this work for you.

Back in 2003 when I moved g-b.dk to Dreamhost, I learned this. I also wrote the below summary to DH so they could include it in their knowledge base, but since you put your issue in the Forum, I can give you this advice directly.

I learned that the [ns1|ns2|ns3].dreamhost.com names aren’t
registered with DK Hostmaster, so we can’t use them for redelegation.
Instead, the (old?) names [ns|ns2].newdream.net are registered and can
be used.

My second lesson was that I can’t redelegate my domain using the
newdream.net names either because I failed to register my domain with
DH before asking for redelegation. DK Hostmaster looks up in your DNS host
to see if my .dk domain is listed there. If it’s not, I can’t redelegate but must
first register the domain. Going trough the steps on
helped me to register my domain with you. I hadn’t registered the domain
during sign-up because I didn’t want to move from the old host to
Dreamhost just yet; build the new site up first, then switch when all is
ready. Now I see that I could have registered right away (and saved some
time&trouble now) because things won’t change until I contact my
registrar, but that wasn’t clear from the start.

My third and last lesson is:
I’ve found that the ‘ns1.dreamhost.com’ names aren’t usable for .dk
domains; I need to use the ‘ns.newdream.net’ ones instead.
Unfortunately, I suspect that when I registered my domain, it was only
added to the dreamhost.com hosts, not the newdream.net hosts as well.
Since the DK Hostmaster checks whether the domain is listed with the
host, I can’t redelegate my domain yet.
–> ask DH to register your .dk domain in the ‘ns.newdream.net’ and
ns2.newdream.net’ hosts, as well as in the dreamhost.com ones to be safe.

With these three lessons = steps taken care of, I think that’s
what it takes to host a .dk domain!

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Yes, something is broken, here’s the story:

DK-hostmaster is the only registrar for .dk domains - this is by legislation, but it makes them a .dk monopoly. DK-hostmaster has a list of registered name servers (NS), and they charge a fee for adding DNS servers to this list.

The list contains Dreamhost’s old NS but not the new ones, and DH refuses to pay DK-hostmaster money to get the new DH NS registered (with the reasoning that DK-hostmaster is the only registrar worldwide to demand payment for this).

So you can’t ask DK-hostmaster to point to DH’s current NS’s, but if you were to point to the old ones, it works. Except that when you host a domain with DH, they only add the domain to their new NS’s, not the old ones.

To be successful, one must first have DH add the domain to the old NS’s, then ask DK-hostmaster to point to these. That will work fine.

Alternatively, somebody needs to pay the fee so that the new DH NS’s can be properly registered. I don’t know how much money this really is.

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Hi Anonymous,

I just went through the process of redelegating a Danish domain this weekend, so I can confirm the information Torben has written.

Danish domains are special, because the Danish registar requires that the nameservers are registered and approved by the administrator of DK-TLD. There is an approval fee of 500 kr (~ $ 85) per nameserver.

The regular nameservers ns1.dreamhost.com, ns2.dreamhost.com and ns3.dreamhost.com are not approved, but luckily the old nameservers ns.newdream.net and ns2.newdream.net are registered (apparently by a Swedish customer).

The process to use a Danish domain at Dreamhost is:

  1. Add the domain to your account in the control panel. The domain will be set up with the new nameservers by default.
  2. Ask support to add the two old nameservers to your zonefile. They have to add the servers manually.
  3. Use this form at dk-hostmaster’s website to redelegate the domain. Input the names of the two old nameservers.

You are welcome to send me a PM if you have any further questions.

P.S: Thanks to Torben for his old post about the old, but approved nameservers.

We’re looking into setting up our dreamhost.com nameservers so they can be used for .dk domains now. I think this was mostly an oversight on our part as the cost per nameserver is not that significant and is just a one-time fee. Sorry for any inconvenience!

  • Dallas
  • DreamHost Honcho

I’m getting the ball rolling on ns[1,2,3].dreamhost.com. There appears to be an enjoyable amount of bureaucracy involved.


Thanks to Dallas and Nate for picking this up. While you probably don’t have very many Danish customers, those that you have --and will get in the future-- will be happy that you make this effort. Thank you DreamHost!!

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How is this progressing?

I’m going to move yet another domain over to you, but if you are about to have the new nameservers approved, I will wait a couple of days.

Thanks again for the effort.

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I’m yet another Danish customer who will be happy if moving a .dk domain to dreamhost.com will be straight-forward in the future.

Thanks for the effort…

best regards, stoffer


Hej Stoffer and Doeleman,
I don’t think you need to wait with your redelegation, you might as well start now. The “old” NS work just as well; I’ve been with .dk domains on them since 2003 and never had a hiccup (at least not one that could pointed to the NS).

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Hej Torben,

I know, I could use the old nameservers, but I just thought that if DreamHost was close to have the “new” nameservers approved by DK-hostmaster, I might as well use them.

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