Dreamhost's monthly newsletter

I’ve just got the April 2010 Newsletter in my inbox. With great enthusiasm it states: 'Welcome to April! It’s April!.." Well, a glance on my calendar reveals that we have May 18th today, so why this fuss about April?

I live in Norway, and I’m not too keen on being reminded of April, when we still had day temperatures of -10 centigrades and piles of snow around.

Why do we get the April newsletter in the second half of May? I’ve always been wondering why these newsletters come at least a month too late. Is the answer that it has been delayed in the mail? Wouldn’t think so, though, as all the other features of Dreamhost seem to be up to speed, thanks goodness. Or does it take such a long time to produce a newsletter that it was started in April and not finished until mid-May? Well, if that is the case, then why not call a spade a spade and name it the ‘May Newsletter’?

If you are frustrated with newsletter, you can edit your profile to stop receiving it. DH panel --> Edit Profile, the link is at the top right corner.

They’re delivered in May so they can cover all of April.

Oh, did I step on somebody’s toes? I certainly didn’t mean to, and I didn’t say that I was frustrated with the newletter either. But If I get a mail way into May saying it’s April, then I allow myself to say that I find it a bit - well - odd. A ‘May newsletter with a review of April’ would be more appropriate IMO.

I really loved their new newsletter, it’s personal.

They’re going against mainstream press which delivers their issues a month ahead. And what’s with the mention of an HTML newsletter when it’s as butt-ugly as it was? It sure didn’t look like HTML to me.

Well, occasionally I received the newsletter of previous month at the end of the month. Not really sure how it is triggered on their end.

Screw the present and the future… bring back plain text!