Dreamhost's email spam filters suck!

We just transferred over to Dreamhost. The email spam filters are horrible in Dreamhost. I feel like I’m in the stone age. Our old host’s spam filters were far superior (unfortunately that’s about all they did right) and we didn’t even need to set thresholds and all that nonsense.

And what’s up with using Squirrel Mail? Please! What good is it? Wow, you can blacklist from the Junk Folder but you can’t blacklist from the inbox where most of the spam is ending up anyway. It’s pathetic to be using this method in the 21st century.


So far I’ve liked Dreamhost, but this spam filter thing is going to drive me to another host that has a more modern and sophisticated approach to handling spam.

Dreamhost, are you working on implementing better spam filters? I hope. I hope.

Below is just one page of what’s ending up in an inbox with aggressive spam filtering on. Every one of these is Spam. And the worst part is many legitimate emails from my co-workers are ending up in the Junk folder.



Amen! And that’s why I use Gmail for my email. Email isn’t DreamHost’s strong suit, and I think they secretly wish that all their customers would switch to Gmail for their domain’s email.

Yeah, I’m going MX all these accounts through gmail. Good idea!


Don’t know if you were sarcastic or not? But you should absolutely give gmail a try.

I’v had email accounts at around 10 different hosts with different price ranges and spam systems. Some were better than others, but even the best ones slipped trough probably 5-15 spams a day on average (i’v had my email address for a long time, long before you had to be restrictive about posting your address on various pages).

Then came gmail… and spam mails are like 1-2 per week.

Setting the accounts up / transferring should not be a big problem. Google apps even have bulk importing i think… and you could write a quick 5-step guide or something for every user about how to import their old mailbox to gmail trough pop3.

No, I wasn’t being sarcastic. I assigned all those accounts to gmail and everyone is happy, especially me. Now we get only one or two spams through each day. I just checked the worst of those accounts and it has 453 spams in its filter. That’s just two days worth. Delete Forever! Yay gmail!!!