DreamHostPS -- How Long?


I was just wondering how long it usually takes to get a DHPrivateServer to start. I’ve been waiting a while, with no news. Anyone out there using it? How long did it take for you?




I think the wait time for new setups for Dreamhost PS varies a lot. Waaaay back in August, I only had to wait for two weeks. Then for a while people were saying that it was two months. Then people said they wrote in a support ticket inquiring and were set up within a few days.

I suspect that it’s many of the same (happy) people setting up Dreamhost PS hosts as doing a lot of the handling of support tickets. As support tickets and general troubleshooting goes up, the PS queue gets longer.

I know DH has been having a bunch of trouble lately with their one of their filers. I can imagine that they’re a tad on the busy side, but I’m just speculating.

You should write in to support and ask them if it’s been a while! I’d give them a couple of weeks, at least, before writing in for the first time, though. Just my opinion…

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