Dreamhosters Site Not Showing Up



I just registered for the 2 week trial and wanted to test it using a sub.dreamhosters.com site.

I can access my FTP, but I can’t access the site itself.


Anyone have any suggestions? Does it take a bit for dreamhosters sub-pages to set up?


Not really.

You might prod things along by visiting Panel > Domains > Manage Domains, clicking Edit next to that domain and hitting the Change Settings button in the Fully Hosted section again (no need to alter anything).


I still am unable to access the site. :confused: I followed sXi’s suggestion above, but no luck. Any other ideas?


That does appear with the exact same spelling you on “manage domains” page in the panel right? Does the “web hosting” column on that page say “Fully hosted”?

If both of those are affirmative then you should open a ticket with support via the panel because that sub-domain is not showing up in DNS at all. https://panel.dreamhost.com/index.cgi?tree=support.msg&

$ nslookup whywaitforsomethingelse.dreamhosters.com

** server can’t find whywaitforsomethingelse.dreamhosters.com: NXDOMAIN


Seems it’s up now.


Thanks all. Who knows what the issue was, but I’m happy it is up now! :slight_smile: