Dreamhost: Your Taking On More Than You Can Chew

As a new customer of only 5 days, what a disappointment. Since this very short amount of time I’ve seen the following:

  1. Constant customer complaints in this forum
  2. Email and servers down
  3. My websites down three times
  4. Dreamhost.com down one time (not a scheduled event either - actually down)
  5. 800+ support tickets sitting in the queue
  6. 12 hour turnaround on responses in my tickets

Your 99.98% uptime is viewed as a 50% downtime to me. I might as well be hosted in a 12/7 operation in a small village in China.

Looking for another provider. I simply cannot risk running my business on a company that doesnt take enough steps to leave any customer satisfaction.

I agree that the last week or so has been terrible, with both planned and unplanned outages. However, my experience before this has been excellent.

The announcments from DreamHost suggest that many of the problems are due to hardware failure of one kind or another. I doubt whether such problems will persist for too long, hopefully things will return to normal soon.

I think you were particularly unlucky to have joined during this period.


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DH has been having hardware problems for a better part of a year. The issues of the past week, sadly, have been the norm for the last six months at least.

20 hours and no reply to my ticket. Wonderful.

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The worst part is when you schedule a callback and they don’t call you back, but send an email saying “we’ve credited you your callback.”

32 hours and still no response.

I did get one of those automated “we’re sorry its been over 24 hours” emails. That makes me feel so much better (cough)

Every web hosting company I been with the last 8 years of running websites has responded within 1 hour.

I agree that many of the posts in this forum are very negative, for the most part. Keep in mind that people usually don’t voice it when there is nothing wrong. Although there have been a few stumbles recently, I am very pleased with Dreamhost overall. I’ve been a client since 2003

[quote]Keep in mind that people usually don’t voice it when there is nothing wrong.


On this forum, I tend to disagree with that. When DH’s service was better and complaints were made, there were many here (including myself) who would defend DH. That happens a lot less often (practically never) now. I’ve been a client since 1997.

[quote]That happens a lot less often (practically never) now.


I agree with that assessment. When the problems first started getting bad, several people would come out in defense of DH. Now, that never happens because it’s just too difficult to rationalize the chronic outages and other issues.

As for me, I’ve been lucky; I haven’t experienced too many outages, but reliability has been noticeably worse since when I first signed up. I sure hope the trend reverses itself, because it only seems to be getting worse lately. DH needs to be very careful in maintaining a positive reputation.

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Gah, when I first joined recently, I thought DreamHost would be far better than this.

For the past month or so, it has been rather okay. Until yesterday that is. DreamHost support informed me that my uploading of ONE times.php file from a Blog:CMS install caused Boyd to go down…

And mind you, I was just FTPing it over. So, now I have my sites disabled and was informed that they would be up after a “few hours”.

Guess how long it has been.

The last couple of weeks have been bad. Hardware failures all over the place and now DH is rejecting my email that’s routed from pobox.

DH crew: I don’t want more bandwidth. I don’t want more disk space. I want uptime. Spend some of that money on redundant systems and more support staff.

I’ve been here for a few years and have brought a number of clients along and I’m about to jump ship.

I’m used to paying more and getting less with DH, but getting more uptime/reliablity. What concerns me most about all the issues of the past year (and not getting better) is that these sorts of actions are what have made many hosts fail. I really don’t feel like setting up all my stuff all over again.

I think my next step will be colocation. 1U and 1Mb for $85/mo at a great facility isn’t bad. I’ve got nearly 100 primary and secondary referrals with DH. All I would have to do is get 10 @ $8.50/mo and that would pay for the hosting. Of course, I would have to maintain the machine but right now when my sites go down I just have to hope the person who reboots it actually pays attention to if it comes back up or not. And that’s when they get around to rebooting it.

I signed up for DH last month… and I just started to use it today… and lets just say the experience hasn’t been great…

I’ll see how things go over the next day before I start to blow a gasket. It seems like DH went a little crazy being generous with giving away resources… hopefully they will have a plan to get things under control.

My former company (Internet Direct) is arguably the first organization to offer virtual web hosting over ten years ago. These DH service outages are making me a little weepy for the ‘good ole days’ when our customers beat us up in the same way when our service levels weren’t great and the technology was new.

Good luck DH.

I so agree fix the issues before giving out all this bandwidth. My sites have been down so much and I have lost some money over this. And the last time this past week or so they had issues again and now two MAJOR scripts have some odd ball errors when they moved us to another server. One tech did try to restore the data do a early date but it did not fix it.

Seems like everytime I go to one of my sites I’m finding issues. That is if my sites are up LOL.

I do love dreamhost very much but come on guys…

Err… I must have the vito server all to myself, then. Because since January 2005, I’ve only had one period of downtime on my site, one period of downtime for dreamhost.com, and only a few periods of slow loading on my sites.

The DreamHost Control Panel is another story. It’s pretty slow about a third of the time I go to use it. Maybe they should move the control panel over to vito. :wink:

I joined DH last July and it’s been nothing but downtime, bugs, and serious lag since then. I did have a couple databases moved over, which helped a bit (and by a bit I mean reducing downtime from daily to every couple of days). This is completely ridiculous. If things don’t get better by the time my pre-paid year (what a mistake that was) is done, then I’m moving away from here and to a real hosting company. Hell, I don’t even refer people to DH because of the horrendous service, despite the cash rewards.