Dreamhost, you are bankrupting my company!

That is not an exaggeration. My Paypal and QBMS payment portals stopped working suddenly almost 2 WEEKS AGO and tech support has been giving me the bare minimum responses and not taking me seriously. This has literally cost me thousands of dollars by now. I can see the transactions erroring out as each customer tries to check out, then gives up. I keep holding on and hoping you can fix the issue because I don’t want to waste 3 days moving all my sites to a new hosting company and troubleshooting a zillion things that break along the way. I have no way to accept money, except by sending direct Paypal requests to the very few customers who take the time to write me directly. My small startup company lives payment-to-payment and you are KILLING ME.

You folks have been great in the past for minor support issues, so I was extraordinarily patient this time and gave you a lot of time to respond between emails, tried to provide as much info as possible, but I feel like I’m not being given any sort of priority here. Your support is blaming the issues on AT&T, but there must be some other workaround or solution. I know I’m not the only one using QBMS and Paypal over CURL for transactions, yet I don’t see any similar complaints on this forum. Somehow hundreds of other customers are not having this problem, which means there must be a solution for my site.

I’ve always thought it was in bad taste to call out a company on their public forum over things like this, but my desperation has driven me to it.

H E L P!


and you think this is Dreamhost’s problem to troubleshoot for you because?

Because I didn’t touch or change anything. It suddenly stopped working. In addition, I’ve already been through Paypal’s support and they were able to ping everything and test connections on their side. They say it’s on Dreamhost’s end. Plus, what are the chances that both of my payment portals would stop working at the same time if I haven’t touched anything on my site? Also, they admitted that it’s on their side by blaming AT&T. I have no dealings with AT&T whatsoever. I can only guess that AT&T is their backbone bandwidth provider or something.


So by your own logic then everyone using a setup similar should have experienced this because “dreamhost changed something” or has an issue with there upstream provider. (which by the way I’ve never heard of such a thing).

Dreamhost’s first mistake was trying to help you at all, and perhaps guess at a problem.

You installed software from a 3rd party, you made it work with other 3rd parties payment gateways, whether you like it or not, you’re the support person.

[quote=“WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot, post:1, topic:59636”]
…stopped working suddenly almost 2 WEEKS AGO … This has literally cost me thousands of dollars by now.…[/quote]

So, roughly, you are losing about $150 a day. You can sit and complain and lose more money, or you could take one day’s losses and hire someone who knows what they are doing. Even at $50/hour, I doubt it would cost you more than $150 to hire someone who is competent.

My payment portals are completely “plain vanilla” integrations through Zen cart with nothing weird or custom and they have worked just fine for months.

Yes, by my logic, I am running an extremely common configuration so this issue is either affecting hundreds or thousands of other people as well, or just me. Since DH has admitted that it’s something on their end, and I don’t see hundreds of threads here complaining of the same issue then it comes down to a customer service issue because they could have easily moved my site to another server or configured my site the same way as the hundreds of other customers whose SSL works.

I count at least three 3rd parties. QBMS, paypal and now ZenCart. Dreamhost is not in the business of supporting 3rd party software applications.

Please share with us exactly what they told you.

Some sort of traffic is being blocked in the SSL, near as I can tell.

All I got from DH was a vague “we are talking to AT&T about it” then a few days later “we made no headway with AT&T who is blocking the connections” which seemed like the equivalent of a shrug and “you’re screwed”.

I’m on a phone right now and don’t feel like trying to cut and paste the messages verbatim.

Just a quick one to say I am also facing a similar if not the same problem.
I only use PayPal for transactions and unlike the thread poster, I am using a simple custom made implementation of PayPal’s express checkout script.

It has worked great for a very long time until recently. First came to my attention on the 12th of March 2013 when a customer decided to let me know rather than going away like most do.

While researching to find out if this has been reported, I found this thread as well as another one pointing out that there was a similar inccident a few years back caused by the SSL used by curl. I just hope that we get someone from DH to check it out and hopefully sort it out or come up with a workaround soon.

PS: I wonder if our websites are on the same server affected by this which also may explain why there are no more complaints about it apart from the fact that most of us spend more time trying to do our business and sort out problems rather than post on forums.

@ WTF & TRT: You two blokes need to transfer to a new provider immediately.

Same here. I didn’t discover the problem until about 4 days in when I realized we hadn’t had any new orders and then I discovered all of the error messages from Paypal in my spam folder.

I’m on the Irvine server. You?

It looks that way, but where to go? Any recommendations? Dreamhost was ALREADY the “least of all evils”. I have been through 4 other hosts over the last few years and not one of them can can a website running to save their lives. I even had a VPS a while back and didn’t notice any marked improvement. I don’t have ludicrously high traffic requirements and don’t want to spend $200/month for hosting just so I can achieve the very basic function of keeping a simple site with SSL running. Every host under $20/month is a massively oversold, bandwidth-throttled mess with 60% uptime if you’re lucky and practically non-existent service centers in Bangalore or something.

Well, if you’re seriously asking for a sub $20 host then I’d recommend DreamHost =\

You should get off shared if the website is providing any ammount of income.

I’m having the same problem as well.

I am using a 3rd party shopping cart that uses PayPal Pro, its been working for years and then all of a sudden after 03/12/13 there has been no more orders.

I tried ordering something myself and I get CURL ERROR: 28::connect() timed out!

Until I noticed things weren’t working I hadn’t changed anything…After troubleshooting on my own for a while I contacted support and was told the same thing about AT&T blocking certain web servers.

Same thing. Same error, same date. What server are you on?

Ok, I usually don’t advocate the whole “public shaming” thing but we are obviously not getting the support we need from DH. The logic still holds that we are a small minority of people suffering through this issue, and if DH’s tens of thousands of other customers are not experiencing this, then there’s obviously an easy solution, like moving us to the L.A. server or something. I’m frankly sick of being the nice, understanding guy who is always trying to be patient and give everyone the benefit of a doubt. This is my livelihood we’re talking about. I don’t think it’s fair that I have to spend hours moving everything to another provider, right in the middle of a huge deadlined project, just because DH can’t provide a very basic function of a web host or even adequate support. I’m not asking for anything I wasn’t promised. If Dreamhost marketed their basic hosting plan as “mostly-reliable hosting, expect a few issues from time-to-time and minimal support” then I could at least say “hey, I got what I paid for. At least I was warned”.

I think it’s time to be the squeaky wheel, so to speak. We have gotten no help from support and no acknowledgement from them on this forum. If we don’t get some attention from DH soon, here or through support, we should all take to Twitter, Facebook and everywhere that DH has a web presence and make this problem known, as loudly as possible and see if that gets anyone’s attention. It sucks, it feels petty, but that seems to be the only way to get a company’s attention these days

Ok, Dreamhost support finally wrote me back (coincidence?) and were going to move me to another server, but apparently all of my connections stopped being blocked on my server now so they didn’t have to. Everything works again, apparently.

Mine is working too.

Take the opportunity to learn from your experience.

Just a quick one guys.
My checkout express seems to be connecting again to PayPal so I do not know what they did yesterday but it looks fixed for now. I will do some more testing later but I would rather not move my site to another server in fear something else may break.

I’ll keep an eye on it to make sure and I suggest you do the same guys.
I’ll report here if there is anything worth posting.

Good Luck to All :slight_smile:

@WTF: I am on a different web server!

@sXi: It is very easy to spread bad comments over a provider who has to deal with thousands of clients - but then again do you really know of ANY hosting provider who can guarantee you No problems whatsoever? The truth is I have found DH to be very good and provide excellent value for money despite my occasional heartache once every few years - but then again who can guarantee you no problems whatsoever?

@TRT: It wasn’t me bitching about the failure or creating a private army (I’m not going anywhere) but I’ll happily answer your question:

Of course not, but you’re missing the point.

I don’t think I was over-reacting at all by going public and asking others to do the same. I have to wonder whether it was coincidence that my average wait time was 3-4 days before each DH response, but suddenly as soon as I started complaining here, the next day they offered to fix my issue with the exact solution I suggested. It’s not even that I’m being all indignant and “the internet will feel my wrath! grr!”, it’s the very fact that DH has thousands of customers that makes you occasionally have to be the squeaky wheel to get noticed. My site is fixed. I regret nothing.