Dreamhost, you are a terrible host

I am the co-admin of a very small forum. Just a few dozen active members at any one time, and not a single day goes by that our performance isn’t so bad, it is essentially unuseable.

Not just occasionally, not just every so often, but everyday. I read your blog crowing about all the things you did wrong in 2006 and what you were planning to do in 2007, but you have a lot of work to do. There are times when this goes on for hours, and sometimes, it lasts all day. You should not even be in the webhosting business. That is just how bad you are.

People warned us not to go with Dreamhost, but we didn’t listen, and now we are paying the price. Your service is pathetic, every day. I could use a carrier pigeon to make posts faster than your insanely slow service allows us to.

Thanks for making a fool out of us because we went with you as our provider, and not someone else.

Maybe I’m dipping my toes in a bit too late, but you do remember about the 97 day money-back satisfaction thingumajig?

dh ftw? yarly

We don’t want to have to change hosts and move. Moving the database of even a small forum is a real pain. What we want, is for Dreamhost to do what they are in business to do, serve websites. If they can’t manage that, they need to get out of the business. It’s been longer than 97 days anyway.

In the first couple of months we had them, they were perfect, then things went to hell and never returned.

As of the time I am making this post, we are completely offline. 404 Not Found. Typical of Dreamhost. This happens all the time.

We would like to be moved to a less crowded box. Obviously, Dreamhost has oversold ours. Like they always do.

Don’t worry mate, I fully appreciate the… shall we say ‘challenges’ in moving an SQL database out of its current environ, repatriating it on another server… And then making it work in its new environment with your setup which previously worked fine, reestablishing all the dependencies, making sure everything works fine and trying to figure out the weird-ass error messages - it’s a pain in the backside at the best of times.

I feel your pain dude :X I’ve had no problems with my account, but it’s a new one, so I have no previous benchmark other than my stalking of the DH blog and boards for the best part of last year before signing up (and hell, it didn’t cost a lot for the year’s subscription, so I’m gonna take my time moving everything over, juuuust in case).

Sorry you’re having these problems mate, wish you the best of luck in resolving them.

dh ftw? yarly

We’ve been with them more than 97 days already

As a mod on Evan’s forum, I can’t believe how slow the forum pages are to load. Slow loading, page errors, loading failures, page not found. Every day it’s something. Not a day goes by someone doesn’t post “Is the forum running slow for everyone or just for me.” Then the flurry of “nope, not just you” posts come out. Slowly. Sigh.

Dreamhost404 - some dream!

What forum software / CMS you running? Just out of curiosity… And which box?

I’ve been a member of Evan’s forum for over a year. I’ve seen ups and downs, but I have to say, I think the trendline seems to point mostly down. Although I wouldn’t call the forum ultra high volume, its pretty hard to find a five minute interval with no new posts. In that kind of environment, downtime is VERY obvious. The forum is almost like a group email, and a lot of people are impacted by slow downs and outages.

Of special note, the mods have worked really hard to insure that the server load is as light as possible. We have limits like 30 seconds between searches, etc. We tolerate this because the forum is important to us.

But its not acceptable to have such terrible outages and slow downs as we’ve been experiencing lately.

Please do right by us.

Thanks for listening.

We run VBulletin. Not sure what box, Torrance I think. Maagic is the owner of the forum, he knows more about all that than I do.

I am also a member of the forum Maagic and Evan run, and I have to say, if it weren’t for the tight knit group we have become over the past 4 years, there are a lot of us that would be long gone due to the frustrating slowness your server brings us.

We’ve already moved once and that, as you very well know tears up an online community. We do not want to have to do that again.

Thank you for listening.


I’m also a mod on the forum. The issues have been getting progressively worse and worse. When the forum is not completely inaccessible, it is loading at a snail’s pace.

There is no way that any new members are going to stick around with these constant problems. If we weren’t such a close community, many more of our regular members would have simply given up and left by now.

Please do the right thing.


The forums address is— http://www.so-there.net — just in case anyone wants to go see that we are not over exagerating any of this. :slight_smile:

It looks like http://www.so-there.net/ is up and running.

Yeah, for now. :slight_smile: Give it 30 minutes.

I’m not a mod on Maagic and Evan’s forum, just a humble member. I am, though, an Admin for an online game’s forum that boasts more members than ST. Unfortunately, in the time it takes for me to be able to enjoy my So-There experience (new posts click) I was able to make myself a bowl of cake and ice cream this morning. That included washing out the used dish and utensils to re-use it.

I’d expect or at least understand why this could happen at my work… but not a small community like ours.


We are down. Again. Thanks Dreamhost! You sure do make our days most pleasant!

Yes, because posts like this really make DH want to actually help you. Did one of you admins/moderators/whatever actually, you know, bother to submit a support request? Sure it isn’t instant, but they reply to that faster than they will this thread. Especially if you do more describing the problem and less complaining.

Yes, I have an opinion.

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After a year of being with Dreamhost, this is the first time we have ever complained here, because we have simply had enough. And yes, we have filed support requests until they are coming out our eyeballs, and nothing. crickets

They couldn’t reply to us any slower here than they do on their support requests.

I’ve been a member of Evan and Maagic’s forum for a long time and I have to say it’s been very slow. It’s been so slow that there are times I get frustrated and walk away to come back to it still loading. I end up clicking the X. It happens at least a few times a day. It should not be that slow. I know that if I was a new user and this happened I wouldn’t even bother.

A 404 means your site is up and it’s telling you that the requested file wasn’t found.

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