DreamHost + WooCommerce?

Hi, I am looking for a host that can run Wordpress + WooCommerce without any issue. Anyone running WooCommerce?

Here are the hosting requirements.

PHP 5.2.4 or greater
MySQL 5.0 or greater
The mod_rewrite Apache module (for permalinks)
fsockopen support (for payment gateway IPN access)
(optional) An SSL certificate if you choose to install any direct payment gateways
(optional) Some plugins for WooCommerce require CURL
(optional) Some plugins for WooCommerce require SOAP

These all seem pretty standard so I am guessing there wouldn’t be any issues.

I will be starting a small ecom site, I don’t think the traffic will be crazy, what hosting plan would you recommend?

I have set up WooCommerce on two different DreamHost accounts:

One is on a shared server. It is a very low-traffic site (maybe one order a week). It seems to be working fine so far (two weeks up)

The other has more heavy traffic. They are using VPS rather than shared hosting. It has been running WooCommerce for over two years now. It seems to get a reboot every two weeks or so.
Other than that, it works fine. I am not sure what is causing the reboots, but will be doing some work on this site soon so will be trouble-shooting that.

Thanks for the info!

Hello, are you woocommerce shops very slow on dreamhost also ?

even on dedicated !

even without many plugins !

What could be the problem ?

Thank you.