Dreamhost - Where in the heck are you?


Has anyone else experienced a complete loss of their site?

I am on the revolution server. I have received the following outage message for the past 3 days:

Current Outage: Hardware failure on hosting machine (updated 7 hours 22 mins ago)
This is an update on the webserver ‘revolution’. Our admins are currently working on two issues for this server. The first issue is attempting to run a file system check on the old hardware, in the hopes it can be recovered and not be moved to new hardware, or at least used for a passive move to new hardware. The other issue, is the intermittent slowness of the backup file server. New hardware is setup and is attempting to use the backups to run your sites and restore them, but it is much slower than usual. Our apologies for the longer downtime, we are working on getting a solution for either of these issues as soon as possible.
We appreciate your patience!
The Happy DreamHost Server Fixing Team

I have upgraded my account to callback status - and have yet to receive a call in 24 hours. I have filed 4 tickets, with absolutely NO response.
There is not a shred of evidence that anyone human exists at Dreamhost, and they appear to have walked away from their company and left their customers site-less and hopeless.

I am about to hire an Intellectual Property lawyer to make some inroads to this situation - and perhaps filing a class action suit for others who are experiencing the same thing.

Please let me know if anyone out there has experienced this problem, or if they have experienced positive resolution to a 3 day site outage!


I think you discovered their secret. There are no humans at Dreamhost. It’s all Perl.

Seriously, though, I feel your pain. You should start looking further than just Dreamhost to resolve the situation. If your server has been down for days and they aren’t keeping in regular contact, say every 8 hours at minimum, I would look into other options. I can’t say what those would be because the ToS limits their liability to basically nothing, but you can at least vote with your dollars.


Set up a failover site using your backups.

You’d be throwing your money away. If you truly believe no one actually exists at DreamHost then it would be better to use whatever funds you have available for a lawyer to instead purchase a hosting account elsewhere. Perhaps one who provides an SLA so that you might have legal recourse when it happens again.