Dreamhost Webmail, picture signature doesn't appear when I reply



Hello, I’m new here! (I’m sorry in advance for my bad english)

I’ve a problem with the webmail of DreamHost, I’ve created an HTML signature, everything is going fine when I implement it and send it in a new message. But, when I reply, the pictures disappear in my previous messages in the bottom of the conversation mail, but appear in my current message signature.

I’ve try to send to outlook and gmail, and when I reply in this these mailbox everything going fine. So I suppose is an reinterpretation of the webmail.

Any suggestion ?


Could you please provide screenshots of what you see?


As you can see, the first mail is the signature when I answer. But when people reply to me ( also using the DreamHost Webmail) the pictures disappear. It seem to do that to all the picture existing a multiple time.

I’ve also seen huge space appearing in my table when they reply.

As I new user I can’t show my code here, you can find it here :


Thanks for sharing the screenshots. When you read the messages (before you hit reply), do you see the images in the signature? Are the images in the signature sent with the email (as attachments) or are they hosted elsewhere? Do people who correspond with you see your signature in their messages? Are you sure they attach those images when they reply to you (or their clients downloads them before they send the reply)?

I ask because I never accept images in email by default: I don’t want to use my limited (often mobile) bandwidth to download ‘pretty things’ and if I replied to you, chances are your signature would appear broken.

  • I see the picture before to send, but for exemple when I want to reply to myself (as a test) I can’t see the picture in my previous mails only the last one.

  • The picture are hosted elsewhere

  • They see the signature the first time, but they have some problem with the table, it seem to doesn’t take wheel the line-height (so every text have weird border, even with 0px border in the code)

  • For the accept images, good question, I’ll investigate in this direction for my other colleagues. But in my own test reply, it’s only the last signature that appear, for the other one I’ve the same problem that my colleague, I see nothing.

Thanks for your answer, I’ll try to make more test with different conditions


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