Dreamhost webmail keeps saying 'login failed' even if I am logged in



I’m trying to use webmail temporarily as I can’t get my Eudora email client to work with the email servers.

The webmail think frequently refuses to load anything, or loads the inbox but won’t load individual emails. It craps out with a “Login failed - Username or password is incorrect” message even though I AM logged in. Can anybody help?

Is webmail working for anyone anymore?

Sorry to hear that… sounds like a browser issue, like a cookie/cache thing. Which browser/version are you using? Did you try a different one?

And most of all, what’s the issue with Eudora?


I’m using Chrome and I get this error repeatedly. Very frustrating. I prefer using webmail because I travel a lot and this has been happening for about a year now.



Users on one of my domains are also receiving this same error when using webmail. I submitted a ticket about a week ago but it’s still an issue. My users are also using Chrome. I may have them try Firefox to see if that fixes it.

By the way, it would be great if Dreamhost allowed us to reply to our trouble tickets directly from the control panel and not have us go through our emails to find the correct ticket.

UPDATE: Experiencing the same problem in Firefox.


I started experiencing this several weeks ago and kept getting error
code 3cb2d64c2cf20f9d7c4b257137d84979.

DH Support provided the following advice:

“We have been working to address intermittent high loads on your our
mail machine. Unfortunately, there may still be intermittent mail
issues as we continue to address high loads. Accordingly, if you
receive a login prompt out of the blue or have trouble with the
login. Please wait a few minutes and try the login once again. We will
continue working on the load situation and will have the mail more
stable as quickly as possible.”

Looks like the problem has disappeared over the past few days but if
the problem has persisted over a year you will need to contact



I’ll add my extremely frustrated two cents to this topic. It’s happened since the switch from Squirrelmail.

The most common errors are

– “Login failed - Username or password is incorrect” WHILE I AM LOGGED IN

– Some messages simply refuse to load, EVER. I could watch the li’l spinner whirl for an hour. The ONLY way to get it to load is to move it out of Inbox to a different folder.

Yes, I use Chrome. Why shouldn’t webmail support Chrome?

Suddenly Denied Email Access-Can't Login, over 24 hours

The Dreamhost Webmail has never been good, but it seems to be even worse than usual.
1- Keeps logging out without warning after short periods of time. This happens in Chrome and Firefox.
2- About 50% of the time it fails to send email. Which is especially annoying - who wants to retype their email?
3- Today I got a notification that it couldn’t save in the ‘Sent’ folder. Well that’s just great and not very helpful. Did my message go? Did I just email the same person twice?
4 - Not a defect, but really should be a basic feature. Would be nice to attach more than one file at a time.


Oh yeah - some message never load.


Yeah, ain’t that grand? Additionally, now you have no proof that you did send it. I’ve learned, the hard way, to copy it (I use a clipboard extender) before rolling the “send” dice.

I will say that I don’t have the “keeps logging out” or “fails to send email” issues… yet. (Jinx!)


That’s my number-one complaint. Deleting nearby Inbox messages doesn’t help, nor does reloading Inbox.

You need to actually move the offending message to a different folder to read it. I suspect a bug in the indexing.


Yep. Same here. It’s been doing that to me regardless of browser and regardless of whether I’m using my Win7 or my Win10 machine on Firefox Quantum. Chrome, Edge, and IE, all of them, It’s been doing this since they switched to this “new improved” whatsit email program off of old webmail. Would love to have old webmail back where I never had any problems, at all.


I’ve noticed this too. I wonder if it would make any difference if you used an email client other than the web-based webmail. Any client worth the name can be configured to let you fetch from another account and use the identity associated with it.

Also – pure speculation here – I wonder if webmail’s problems have something to do with TLS (a/k/a SSL). They’re using self-signed certificates, and modern browsers don’t like that sort of thing.


I have seen the same issue and now I have a client complaining.


I’m also getting this message at least once a day. Using chrome and safari, and I’m on a Mac. :\


We continue to have the same email issues and this was never resolved with support. Now that I’m reading this forum…its clear they KNOW about it. To date, the worst email service out there.


It’s been over 2 months since the original post and no reply from Dreamhost. My client’s are still experiencing these issues and now they can’t even login into their email accounts. Waiting in a que to chat with Dreamhost.


We’ve had this issue for months as well. I’ve contacted tech support with some perceived success but today we are not having any success getting past the login error message. It doesn’t appear to be related to a browser or an OS. It works fine via Outlook, but I’m reluctant to switch to Outlook for all users. What other options exist for accessing Dreamhost email?


You might be on the same email server as me which is having issues today. My clients have not been able to use email all day but looks like it may be slowly coming back online. Check out https://www.dreamhoststatus.com/ for info.


Thanks, MrLopez! I’ll keep an eye on that.


Unfortunately, I ran into the same problem today despite dreamhoststatus.com saying that all systems are operational. Very slow load times and often resulting in an error, an exception error, and a server connection error. It seems to be working now but the variation is extremely frustrating. As much as I’d prefer to continue using this browser-based email front end, I really need to explore options.

To that end, what browser front ends are you all using as an alternative to Dreamhost webmail? I’ve had good luck with Outlook in the past but would need to retain the messages on the Dreamhost servers rather than moving them to each individual PC since people move around a lot. Thoughts would be greatly appreciated!