DreamHost webFTP uploadidng folders/files

Using the DreamHost webFTP interface, I have attempted to upload a folder that includes one small file.

When I browse my PC and loacte the folder and attempt to uplaod it, the systems does not upload the folder.

Any hints appreciated. TY

Transfering a directory involves two steps.

You make a directory.

You copy all the files into the directory.

Web browsers and web servers do not perform these steps automatically. Files are transfered one at a time as really long strings of binary characters. But a directory is a list of files and thus can not be transfered as a long string of binary characters.

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you could also try putting the older in to a zip file and uploading that, it would extract the zip after uploading. Probably more useful though if it was a folder containing more than just one file or a folder with other folders inside

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Ty for both of your responses. All I want to do is place a floder within an already existing folder. That cannot be done?

Or if you use normal FTP clients program, you can also copy directory with many sub-directories. The program will create the directories automatically in separate commands.

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Sure it can! But I have always thought that the net2ftp interface was far less than intuitive with such things.

I suggest that you get a “real” ftp client, and use that - I guarantee that it will make your life a whole lot easier, and make what you are trying to do insanely easy. :wink: