Dreamhost Web Panel Down?

Is anyone else having trouble accessing their web panel? Sheesh, I don’t use it for a week and just when I need to get in there I find it’s down.

Anyone in the know re when we might be able to get into the web panel?

The panel seems to behaving some stability issues. It’s been extremly slow and even apparnetly non-accessable now. Dh is probably allready working on it - I would think their system would detect the problem.


It’s acting extremely erratic for me as well, as is my webmail.

We’ve been working on the central database machines all day today, and had some unexpected problems with MySQL. Everything is back to normal now, and as a bonus, things should be slightly faster.

It’s still running extremely slowly, or not at all, for me.

Anyone else? Is work still being done that could be causing these problems?

still down for me too


Slow for me as well.

In addition, every single one of our sites went 404 all of a sudden. Files are still there in shell, but far as the world’s concerned they’re just gone.

Wow one of my domain don’t work anymore

Domain Cloaking Error

We’re sorry, we had a problem with our web panel when you set up cloaking for your domain scalewiki.com!
Please go to the DreamHost Web Panel’s Domain > Web area and click the [Edit] link next to domainname.com to re-configure cloaking.
Error: no domain

This domain was configured for near 1 month as redirection

Edit: Btw, I can’T fix it… the Panel is down…

It is still down for me. I can’t add any domains, nor make any changes.

It’s still down for me too. I was able to access it intermittently last night, but then, later yesterday, nothing, FYI. (I tried to create a new user last night, but I’m suspicious that it never actually went through, either - heh.)


Still down. “page cannot be displayed” as of 2:30 EST US time. Couldn’t be more disappointed.

I haven’t been able to get to the panel for almost 2 days. Is this ever going to be fixed?

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Do wwe have any updates from DH on this issue? I need access to my panel and would be nice to have it. Also webmail not working is driving me nuts.

The ironic thing is that we don’t have any way of contacting support since the support system is done from the panel. (not good planning)

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panel is working for me. (it was even very fast loading)


The panel has his high and low.

Right now it’s quite fast. but My web site still have problem.

Anyone know why it’s ‘cloaked’ and how I can fix that ? (DH say it should be fixed, but some people still have problem accessing the web site)


Right now, seem to be unable to get to the panel again :frowning:

I’m finding that for whatever reason that bookmarked links to the panel that have the /cgi? in it arn’t working, however, just straight panel.dreamhost.com is working we very good speed. Give that a try and if all else fails, clear you cookies and cache just incase somethign they changed is still local to your system and causing a hiccup.

For me it’s happened on different computers, browsers, and locations. Always going directly to http://panel.dreamhost.com

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