DreamHost Web Control Panel Feedback

Looking forward to 2015, we at DreamHost are planning on putting a lot of focus and effort into improving our Web Control Panel. Our goal is to make the panel easier to use and to help you get started on your website content as quickly and easily as possible. The biggest key to having this panel revamp be a success is user feedback. We are interested in exploring the following:

How easy does the panel make:
-adding domains
-adding hosting
-registering domains
-adding MySQL
-adding e-mail addresses

Is there anything you can’t currently do with our panel that you’d like to?

Are these areas of the panel easy to find?

What frustrates you about the panel?

Do you have any suggestions on how we can make the panel more intuitive?

Feel free to reply with your thoughts on that panel, or even if you just need panel help. We will be happy to help!

There’s some good info on the wiki. Have you considered creating a link out to the wiki on each page for those who want a more in-depth explanation of what that feature does?


Also a simplified/responsive version for mobile should be great!
And for domains the only think is annoying is to click edit on a domain and then edit again just to “refresh” that domain… a little icon on domain row should be great!


Your paid clients need a reliable way to contact support when they are inadvertently locked out of their accounts and cannot get to the control panel. Your general contact form does not seem to be monitored.

Try tweeting @dreamhostcare

Ralph it is hard to define but the dreamhost panel seems old. It requires a rethink. Perhaps my problem with it is it tries to sell stuff. Why do I want links to features I don’t have and don’t want to sign up for?

Why is the management of email and domains separated?